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Born and raised in a tropical destination, I was always inspired to do something that reminded me of home. Since 2001, I have been selling the world’s most Idyllic Islands so I know these destinations very well. I've had the opportunity to visit the islands of Tahiti, the islands of Fiji, the Cook Islands, Samoa, and the Maldives—and I'm still counting! On my last visit to the islands of Tahiti I travelled aboard the very unique Aranui Cruise and visited the Marquesas Islands. Due to their remoteness, the Marquesas Islands are virtually untouched, and boast towering peaks, lush valleys, ancient religious sites, fjord-like bays, and waterfalls. Their isolation is a source of immense pride among the local people and this trip gave me the opportunity to be fully immersed in their rich culture. I brought home with me beautiful memories of the people and their way of life.

My favourite places

  • Bora Bora

    Idyllic Islands

    Bora Bora is the most amazing place I have ever been. It's no surprise then that I have visited a few times now. It has the most beautiful turquoise lagoon, white sand beaches, and the towering Mount Otemanu. The hotels with their overwater bungalows and glass-bottom floors have also brought this destination to another level.

  • Maldives

    Idyllic Islands

    One island, one resort. This is a destination where beauty meets privacy. I had the opportunity to visit and stay in a number of resorts, each of which had a unique character. The food is fabulous with different meal plan options, underwater life is a paradise, and there is a wide array of overwater bungalows to choose from.

  • Cook Islands

    Idyllic Islands

    The Cook Islands are truly idyllic. They're a relaxed destination and it's easy to explore the entire island in a day. Make sure you take a day trip to One Foot Island, and if budget/time permits, I recommend a night or two in Aitutaki for the spectacular lagoon.

Did you know?

  • Tahiti is popular, but it's secluded. Hawaii receives more visitors in seven days than all of Tahiti receives in a year.
  • In the Maldives, some resorts (such as the Conrad) have restaurants underwater, which offer amazing dining experiences.
  • The movie Cast Away was filmed on Modriki Island in Fiji. You can visit this island on a day tour or cruise.