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Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Odyssey

21 Days
Prices From:
US$ 18,990

DELUXE | CRUISE: Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike will be impressed by the incredible scenery and wildlife encounters on this epic 21-day voyage. Set sail aboard the magnificent Ocean Endeavour as we discover Antarctica, the world’s last frontier and the land of penguins and icebergs. Then follow in the footsteps of the heroic polar explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, to South Georgia, ruled by penguins and home to the greatest concentration of wildlife on Earth.

This 21-day cruise from Ushuaia takes you to see more of the world’s most remote and beautiful landscapes. Drop anchor at the Falkland Islands, explore the shores of the Antarctic Peninsula, and meet the immense penguin colonies of South Georgia on this unique voyage.

Spend a night in Ushuaia to get your bearings, perhaps taking some time to explore the town’s former prison, now home to four distinct museums that will offer you the perfect snapshot of life at the foot of the world. You can also embark on a day trip into Tierra del Fuego National Park, or visit Emerald Lagoon, but consider arriving a day early if you plan to do these, as they are all day trips. Cast off the evening of your second day, keeping your eyes peeled for a wide variety of southern sea birds. Penguins, cormorants, petrels, and albatross live along the rocky shores, along with sea lions. It’s the last land you’ll glimpse before reaching Antarctica!

It takes two full days to cross the Drake Passage, so take the opportunity to meet your shipmates, and enjoy presentations from the expedition team on topics including the history of Antarctic exploration, and of course the wildlife you’ve come to see. Keep your eyes peeled for birds and marine life. They’re your sign land is not far off. At last, arrive at the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. Geographically, this is one of the most impressive regions of the frozen continent, with mountain scenery and a diverse range of wildlife.

Small Zodiacs take you in for a close look at the sculpted icebergs, and intimate bays and channels that harbour large colonies of penguins, seals, and other creatures. Keep an eye on the waters around you as well, since the Antarctic coast also supports a wide variety of marine mammals. You’ll have opportunities for kayaking, snowshoeing, and photography with expert guides as you go ashore meeting animals who are just as curious about you as you are about them.

More wildlife sightings await you in South Georgia. This captivating island is home to over 30 million penguins, along with albatross, seals, and even (introduced) reindeer. Affectionately known as ‘the Galapagos of the South,’ it offers such a variety of sightings you’ll spend several days here, with zodiacs taking you in for a closer look before sailing on to the Falkland Islands. The Falklands are widely known for their disputed political past, but five species of penguin also call them home, alongside albatrosses, elephant and fur seals, and offshore mammals such as dolphins and orcas. You’ll also have the chance to visit Port Stanley and the Falkland Islands Museum to learn about the human history of these islands.

Disembark in Puerto Madryn on Argentina’s eastern coast, keeping an eye out for whales and other wildlife as you cruise near the shoreline.


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21 Days
Prices From:
US$ 18,990

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Day 1

Ushuaia, Argentina

The first night of your voyage is spent in the quaint town of Ushuaia, the most southerly city in the world and the capital of Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire).

The day is at leisure and you are free to explore, maybe making a few last minute purchases from the many shops or artisan markets, or relaxing in a cafe. Avenida San Martin is the main street and there are some excellent museums to visit or you may prefer to wander the streets taking in the town's dramatic setting, with views of the mountains to the north and the Beagle Channel to the south.

Duration1 Night
Day 2

Embarkation in Ushuaia

This morning is again free for you to explore Ushuaia further, or maybe discover Tierra del Fuego National Park, the most southerly national park of South America. The park offers a range of hiking trails that lead you through the stunningly beautiful and dramatic scenery of snowcapped peaks, lush meadows, rugged coastline, glaciers, waterfalls and lakes. Look out for guanaco, Andean foxes, muskrats and the North American beaver. Birds found here include the Andean condor, Magellanic oystercatcher, kelp goose, austral parakeet and torrent duck.

Late this afternoon, transfer to the port of Ushuaia in time for embarkation on board the Ocean Endeavour. The Expedition Team and the Ship's Officers will be waiting to welcome you aboard. As you set sail, familiarise yourself with the layout of the Ocean Endeavour and its great amenities and enjoy a welcome dinner.

This evening, sail along the wildlife-rich Beagle Channel, towards the White Continent of Antarctica. As you leave the lights of Ushuaia behind, look out for Magellanic penguins, rock cormorants, petrels and black-browed albatross from the deck as well as noisy sea lion colonies.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Duration19 Nights

Ocean Endeavour

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    Ocean Endeavour

    Ocean Endeavour is a comfortable, well-appointed small expedition ship expertly engineered to explore the Polar Regions. The ship has an ice-strengthened hull, Zodiacs for exploration and remote landings, generous deck space and advanced navigation equipment. The ship offers a superb guest experience with a nautical …

    Ocean Endeavour is a comfortable, well-appointed small expedition ship expertly engineered to explore the Polar Regions. The ship has an ice-strengthened hull, Zodiacs for exploration and remote landings, generous deck space and advanced navigation equipment.

    The ship offers a superb guest experience with a nautical lounge, two restaurants, sundeck, and plenty of deck space for observation of polar landscapes, and lounges for learning and reflection. The ship's interiors have a contemporary aesthetic that provides a bright and spacious feel to the cabins and common spaces.

    Endeavour is also the only polar adventure ship in Antarctica focused on health and wellness. From the newly-built saunas, to the pool, gym, hot tub and wellness café with a juice bar, the ship will offer guests onboard services and amenities that that will enhance their Polar expedition experience. The ship also has a Polar Boutique, where guests can buy gifts as well as gear they might need for the voyage.


    • Boutique(s)
    • Cafe
    • Gym
    • Library
    • Restaurant
    • Sauna
    • Spa
    • Sundeck
    • Theater

    More Details

Day 3

Crossing the Drake Passage

The infamous Drake Passage, named after the famous English explorer, Sir Frances Drake, separates the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula from the southernmost tip of South America.

Enjoy the fabulous on board facilities, maybe join a yoga class, or attend a presentation or two given by the Expedition Team to prepare you for what lies ahead - from the geology of Antarctica to the history, wildlife and even the ice!

As you sail towards Antarctica, there is a fall in temperature as you cross the Antarctic Convergence and enter the waters of the Antarctic Ocean. The Antarctic Convergence is marked by an increased number of seabirds, whales and other species that are attracted by the nutrient rich waters pushed to the surface by the colder waters of the polar region flowing north and meeting the warmer equatorial waters flowing south.

Head out on deck to look for the mighty albatrosses that fly overhead, scan the waters for breaching whales and icebergs, or gaze out from the panoramic windows of the observation deck.

Continue your course south and hope to make landfall by the evening of Day 4, depending on the weather conditions. Keep on the look out for the first sighting of land - that heralds your arrival to the White Continent!

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 4

Crossing the Drake Passage

Another day to explore the Drake Passage.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 5

South Shetland and Antarctic Peninsula

The next five days are spent exploring the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula, a region that has captivated explorers for centuries and now enthrals travellers. Explore by Zodiac, cruising amongst the magnificently sculpted icebergs and making shore landings where you mingle with penguins, climb to vantage points to absorb the spectacular panoramic views, maybe visiting a scientific or historic base. There may even be opportunities to kayak and snowshoe and of course learn more about photography with one of the experts.

Antarctica will enchant you with its incredible scenery, from imposing glaciers to towering snow-capped peaks, vast icebergs and ice-strewn channels. Not to mention the wildlife - from extensive colonies of chinstrap, Gentoo and Adelie penguins, to crabeater, Weddell, fur and elephant seals and a plethora of fascinating birds. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the mighty crack of a glacier calving. Maybe you will be one of the brave few to take a polar plunge in the icy waters! Every day brings a new experience and new landing site.

As you cruise from one landing site to the next, enjoy the continued lecture programme and take in the scenery from the outer decks of the Ocean Endeavour. Make the most of the health and fitness facilities from the relaxing spa and saunas to the saltwater pool and gym.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 6

South Shetland and Antarctic Peninsula

Another day to explore the South Shetland and Antarctic Peninsula.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 7

South Shetland and Antarctic Peninsula

Another day to explore the South Shetland and Antarctic Peninsula.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 8

South Shetland and Antarctic Peninsula

Another day to explore the South Shetland and Antarctic Peninsula.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 9

At Sea

En-route to South Georgia, weather and sea conditions permitting, you may attempt to call at Elephant Island, a half-submerged mountain cloaked with an ice sheet at the outer limits of the South Shetlands. We'll learn the story of Shackleton and hear how his ship, the Endurance, was crushed in pack ice in the Weddell Sea, before him and his men climbed into three open boats, spending 16 months at sea, before finally making landfall on this tiny toe of rock and ice in the vastness of the Southern Ocean on 14 April 1916.

Attend lectures and presentations by the Expedition Team as they prepare you for what lies ahead on South Georgia - from the history and geology to the incredible wildlife. Take in the panoramic views from the observation lounge and spacious decks or make the most of the on board facilities that include a spa, saunas, pool, gym and yoga classes.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 10

At Sea

Another day at Sea.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 11

South Georgia

South Georgia captivates every traveller that steps foot on its shores. Home to the greatest concentration of wildlife on the planet, here penguins number in the hundreds of thousands, carpeting beaches as far as the eye can see.

You aim to spend four days exploring this stunningly beautiful island, an island that is not only overrun with an incredible array of fauna, but one that is steeped in history. South Georgia was an intrinsic part of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated Endurance Expedition and was once the centre of the whaling industry.

South Georgia is home to over 30 million breeding birds, thousands of seals, the introduced Norwegian reindeer, nesting sites of the wandering albatross, four breeding species of penguin and the largest colony of king penguins on this planet. It is known as the 'Galapagos of the South'. If the wildlife is not enough of a draw card - then the spectacular scenery against which it is set can only enhance your visit - emerald green bays, snow-covered peaks and blue glacier ice.

You'll explore by Zodiac and kayak and on foot, with opportunities to learn more about photography from one of our expert guides.

Every day provides a different experience and a different location. Stand in awe amongst tens of thousands of penguins, look out across beaches blanketed with elephant seals, visit the remains of abandoned whaling stations and even the grave of Shackleton himself.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 12

South Georgia

Another day to explore South Georgia.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 13

South Georgia

Another day to explore South Georgia.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 14

South Georgia

Another day to explore South Georgia.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 15

At Sea

Saying goodbye to the wildlife of South Georgia, you'll head west towards the isolated and sparsely populated Falklands archipelago, where the silence is broken only by the call of birds. Attend lectures and presentations by the Expedition Team, relax and unwind in the His and Hers saunas and spa and take advantage of all the other amenities on board.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 16

At Sea

Another day at Sea.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 17

Falkland Islands

Have your camera at the ready as you approach the ruggedly beautiful Falklands archipelago to capture not only the abundant wildlife but also the incredible scenery.

Over the next couple of days you'll explore the Falkland Islands by Zodiac and on foot as you make daily shore landings and maybe even discover smaller inlets by kayak.

Learn about the intriguing and controversial history of the Falkland Islands as you explore the quaint capital of Port Stanley, with its British outpost feel. Near the town you may see Southern giant petrels, the endemic Falkland steamer ducks, kelp gulls and dolphin gulls. There are also black-crowned night herons, red-backed hawks, peregrine falcons and turkey vultures.

As you explore the islands, look out for the 5 species of penguins found here, large populations of black-browed albatrosses, elephant and fur seals, Peale's and Commerson's dolphins, orcas and a myriad of bird species including the Falkland's flightless steamer duck, imperial shags and Cobb's wrens.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 18

Falkland Islands

Another day to explore Falkland Islands.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 19

At Sea

Departing from the Falklands, you'll set our course for Puerto Madryn.

The next few days are spent at sea, as you head towards Puerto Madryn, but there are the many on board amenities to enjoy including a spa, saunas, pool and gym and relaxing yoga classes and of course a final presentation or two.

These last days at sea gives you one final chance to view the marine life of these southern waters.

On the last night join the captain for a farewell dinner tonight on board the ship as we toast the end of an epic voyage.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 20

At Sea

Another day at Sea.

Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Day 21

Disembarkation in Puerto Madryn

You are scheduled to arrive into Puerto Madryn early this morning, and you disembark after a final breakfast on board the Ocean Endeavour.

After saying your farewells to Expedition Team and the crew of the Ocean Endeavour, you transfer you to the airport for your onward flight, or you may like to spend extra days in Puerto Madryn, the gateway to the Valdez Peninsula and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is famous for its abundance of wildlife.

Meal Plan Breakfast

Other Information


Ocean Endeavour
2022: Not available

2023: March 10


  • 1 night hotel accommodation with breakfast in Ushuaia 
  • Group transfer from hotel to pier
  • Shipboard accommodation
  • All meals whilst on-board including snacks
  • All shore excursions and zodiac cruising (*excluding forward facing zodiac)
  • Guiding and lectures by expedition team and team
  • English-speaking expedition team
  • Free use of rubber boots on land
  • Use of gym, sauna, pool and on-board Jacuzzi
  • On-board yoga
  • Wind and water resistant jacket
  • All Port taxes
  • Transfer airport to hotel on day 1 and pier to airport on day of disembarkation


  • Travel insurance
  • International and domestic airfare & airfare taxes
  • Government arrival and departure taxes
  • Visa fees if applicable
  • Meals and beverages not mentioned
  • Gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature


The following activities are available, subject to availability:

Kayaking in the far-flung corners of the world is an
experience guaranteed to refresh your soul. Paddling in
small groups, you’ll glide between ice floes, brash ice and
icebergs dotted with wildlife. Previous kayaking experience
is required.

A unique way to explore Antarctica. It makes walking up
gentle slopes a breeze, allowing you to explore places
others struggle to reach in boots alone.

A true outdoor adventure, experience the sights and
sounds during your opportunity to fully immerse yourself
when you camp overnight in Antarctica.

Includes workshops prior to arrival in Antarctica, critiquing
sessions while in Antarctica and editing workshops on
the return journey. Some zodiac excursions on dedicated
zodiac and dedicated to Photography guide on landings.
Return with the best capture memories possible.

Explore the surroundings by foot as you actively hike on
Antarctica. Only available in some locations. Weather

Experience Yoga in a way like no other. On board the ship
you will find yoga available to you. This is however, weather
and swell dependent.


Prices are "from" per person based on twin/double share accommodation and for travel in low season. Seasonal surcharges and blackout dates may apply. Limited seat/spaces and all pricing is subject to change and availability. Rates for single or triple travellers are available on request - please inquire.

9 Mar 2022
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