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Shirley Rourke VP of Groups Only 7 months, 3 weeks ago

5 Most Popular Group Travel Destinations Right Now

  • Travel group taking a break in the mountains

Group travel is not just about the where—it’s about the why! When selling a group, you want to ensure your group sees the highlights and truly experiences a destination. It’s also important to include activities that bond the group together and connect your group to the destination.

The following destinations can help you do just that. These countries are currently the top five destinations for group travel. They are perfect places for your group to get in touch with vibrant cultures, explore beautiful locations, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Get inspired and consider creating a group of 10 or more travelers to any of these destinations. Remember that if you book 20 or more travelers, you can travel for free, so reach for the stars! Get in touch when you’re ready to start planning.

What are the top group travel destinations right now?

1. Ghana

Elmina Castle in Ghana

Ghana is all the rage these days. A part of this is because of AfroFuture, formerly known as Afrochella, a pan-African music festival that is one of the biggest musical events in the world. The 2023 festival is dubbed “Beyond the Return,” which is following up on the “Year of Return” fest in 2019. It’s a hot ticket for group travel.

Many African American travelers want to go to Ghana to trace their roots and explore some of the fascinating history of the region. Some of this includes visiting somber landmarks such as the slave castles along the coast, but also delving into the proud legacy of the Ashanti Kingdom and other West African civilizations. We can arrange cooking, drumming, and dance classes to engage with the local culture. Travelers can even do a traditional hair-wrapping session, visit a traditional village, and attend a ceremony where you can get your own African name. It’s an exciting time to visit Ghana.

2. Argentina

Buenos Aires traffic

Argentina is a land of spectacular mountain valleys, amazing glaciers, soaring mountains, unique wildlife, celebrated vineyards and great wine, delicious cuisine, cities filled with classic architecture, and a memorable culture defined by gauchos (South American cowboys) and tango!

Group travelers can enjoy an interactive dining experience in Buenos Aires where the chefs teach the group about Argentine cuisine and culture. During this experiences, guests take part in five classic Argentine culinary activities: make their own traditional empanadas; enjoy grilled provoleta cheese with sliced chorizo sausage and homemade chimichurri; learn about and enjoy unlimited Malbec wine; make their own alfajores (Argentina’s national sweet); and finally get taught about the history and etiquette of mate (Argentina’s national drink and pastime). This is a great activity to do when your group first arrives in the country so you’re able to fully enjoy the rest of your travels through Argentina.

3. Portugal

iconic yellow tram in Lisbon

Portugal is a great destination that is too often overlooked for group travel. But the groups that have visited have enjoyed this haven for food, wine, architecture, history, and cultural experiences. It’s a great destination to go on pilgrimage and do religious touring, if that’s your group’s special interest. Groups can participate in a candle procession, take bread making lessons, help harvest grapes, or simply enjoy fresh oysters along the coast. As well, don’t forget that Portugal is a great value destination! Your money goes a long way here.

4. New Zealand

Lake Matheson in New Zealand

This is a destination that will take your breath away. It’s perfect for group activities. Enjoy the welcoming culture of the Māori and learn about their cultural traditions, including hangi meals and haka dances. Explore a breathtaking landscape of stunning and diverse natural beauty, which includes dramatic fjords, glaciers, mountains, plains, farmland, coastlines, and wonderfully sandy beaches. There are active geothermal regions, which means geysers and hot springs, and great winelands which produce exceptional wines. Groups can head on endless activities, including cycling wine tours, guided nature walks with a local Māori guide, or adventure experiences, such as zipline through prehistoric native forest, bungy jumping, or jet boating down glacial rivers.

5. Bali

Ulun Danu temple Bali

Bali is another great value destination. It has stunning beaches, lush greenery, iconic rice terraces cascading down mountainsides, temples, and, of course, the spiritual hub of Ubud. Whether your group is looking for culture, culinary activities, adventure, relaxation, or wellness, your group will find it in Bali.

A great activity to get in touch with the local culture is a Balinese cooking class. These classes start in the marketplace, where travelers can try their bargaining skills and gather local ingredients. It’s then onto the kitchen to learn from a Balinese chef, who teaches how to prepare a complete regional menu, including a starter, main course, and dessert. Not only does your group get to enjoy your meal at the end of the class, but every member of the group gets a certificate and recipe guide that they can take back home to impress their friends with. Bali is an underrated food destination and this is a great way to take advantage of its culinary heritage.

These are the top five destinations for group travel right now, but there are dozens more destinations that are perfect for group travelers. Groups Only can customize any itinerary to your group’s needs, securing the best value and unforgettable experiences along the way. With our experience and knowledge, we will guide you through the entire journey booking a group from deciding on the perfect itinerary to embarking on this journey of a lifetime. If you want to plan a tailor-made group vacation for 10 or more travelers, get in touch and begin your journey with Goway Groups Only.

6 Jul 2023, 5:28 p.m.

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