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I was born and raised in a small town in the southern part of Italy and always dreamed of exploring new parts of the world. That dream finally became a reality when I moved to Canada at the age of 18. I studied Travel & Tourism at Centennial College where I received my diploma. Following my studies, I gained experience in both the hospitality and travel industries through my family's restaurant and various travel companies. Travel is an addiction you don't want to be cured of. Once you visit places like Marrakech with its hustle and bustle and walk through its market full of colors and scents from various spices, explore the streets of Toledo, see the medieval walls and the aqueduct of Segovia in Spain, and visit the stunning Colosseum in Rome (I could spend hours admiring it and imagining the life of the ancient Romans), you know that you are meant to explore the world and help others do the same.

My favourite places

  • Rome, Italy

    UK Europe

    The view of Vatican City from the dome of St. Peter's Basilica is absolutely stunning. You can easily take the elevator to the roof, but if you want to be on the top of the cupola, you must take the stairs for the last portion, 551 steps up (unless you do what I did and walk it all the way up, all 871 steps).

  • Marrakech, Morocco

    Africa & Middle East

    There is no place in Morocco like the Jemaa el-Fnaa, Marrakech's main market. By day, most of the square is just a open space in which a handful of snake charmers bewitch their cobras with flutes. At dusk, as in France and Spain, people come out for their evening stroll and the city comes to life.

  • Segovia, Spain

    UK Europe

    Alcazar de Segovia Castle is one of the most distinctive castle/palaces in Spain by virtue of its shape, which is like the bow of a ship. It was originally built as a fortress, but has since served as a royal palace, a state prison, the Royal Artillery College, and a military academy.

  • Venice, Italy

    UK Europe

    No one knows for sure how many pigeons live in Venice's two-and-a-half square miles, but the city estimates there are around 40,000. About one-third of the pigeons pass through St. Mark's Square on any given day. A municipal ordinance banning people from feeding them in the square went into effect back in May 2008

Did you know?

  • Rome got its first acqueduct, the Aqua Appia, in the year 312BC, which allowed water to enter the city.
  • Peru has the second-largest portion of the Amazon Rainforest. Nearly 60% of the country is covered by jungle.
  • The largest white truffle found in a half century weighed over three pounds and was unearthed near Pisa.
  • Toilet paper cannot be flushed in the toilets in Ecuador because the plumbing systems can’t handle it.