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I was raised in a small Southern Ontario town and I have always wanted to explore the world beyond Canada and the U.S. In the years since I boarded that first plane, I have travelled to many wonderful places, met some amazing people and explored new cultures. I've travelled extensively throughout Europe and my most recent adventure was a 9-day trip in Croatia where we travelled on land and on a boutique cruise around the Dalmatian Coast. I have been in the travel industry now for 5 years and nothing is more fulfilling for me than helping someone plan their dream trip, learn about a new culture, check places off their “bucket list”. There are still lots of places left on my own 'bucket list' and I am excited to see where my next adventure awaits.

My favourite places

  • French Polynesia

    Idyllic Islands

    My favourite island is Moorea. Moorea is the perfect island for travellers who want a both a bit of adventure and relaxation. You can go out on an ATV excursion or scenic hike in the morning and lay back on the beach (or in your overwater bungalow) enjoying a cocktail that afternoon.

  • Croatia


    Opatija is an incredibly picturesque little town on the Croatian Riviera. It’s a very peaceful place with plenty of seaside restaurants along the promenade with great views of the sunset and the architecture will remind you of Venice. If I was going to live in Europe, this would be the place.

  • United Kingdom


    Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is a city with a surprise around each corner. You never know if you might find a pop-up street market or an impomptu street dance or music performance. There are plenty of immersive historic or medieval places to visit and amazing places to dine.

Did you know?

  • The 16 lakes in the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia) change colour throughout the day.
  • The actor, Marlon Brando, has an eco-luxe resort island named after him in French Polynesia: The Brando.
  • In September, you can actually visit the staterooms used by the Royal Family inside Buckingham Palace.
  • If you're worried Tahiti is crowded…there are more rooms at the MGM Grand than in all the islands of Tahiti.