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Celebrity Xperience Cruise Ship Activities

  • Open deck to explore Whale
  • visit the bridge and learn about navigation during the cruise.
  • Observe sea turtles, sea lions, rays and even dolphins from the safe base of their double kayak.

Island Excursions

The land excursions provide an in depth Galapagos experience about the exotic flora and fauna found in these remote islands. Visitors can explore the spectacular and diverse landscape and walk among the most fascinating wildlife in their natural habitat. Learn firsthand about the volcanic islands and the mysteries they hold. Hikes with our certified naturalist-guides will build up the concept of evolution and showcase the uniqueness of each individual island.


On offer are two types of snorkeling activities: deep water from the dinghy, and from the beach. Prior to or after the island excursions there is often an opportunity to snorkel and explore the amazing underwater world of the archipelago. It is not unusual to share the marine environment with rays, turtles, sharks, flightless cormorants, penguins, marine iguanas, a multitude of fish and of course the ever playful sea lions and fur seals.


For those who don't want to snorkel, kayaking is an excellent opportunity to explore the wildlife close up along the cliffs and in the water. Due to the clear waters in the archipelago guests will be able to observe sea turtles, sea lions, rays and even dolphins from the safe base of their double kayak. Your guide and a dinghy are always nearby. No prior experience is required.

Panga Rides

At certain visitor points in the islands you are not allowed to go on shore and excursions are made with the dinghies along the shores. This allows guests the opportunity to study the spectacular Galapagos geography, paddle through tranquil mangroves and observe marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, penguins, sea birds and much more.

Whale Watching

Although sightings are not guaranteed, with a keen eye and some luck you may see some whales during your cruise, especially between June and September. An announcement will always be made if a whale is spotted.

Onboard Activities

Equator Crossing Ceremony

During our Genovesa itinerary we cross the Equator Tuesday late afternoon. Guests are welcome to join the Captain on the bridge and observe the GPS showing the latitude 0°. A certificate will be delivered afterwards to your cabin.

Open Bridge Policy

There is also have an open bridge policy in place where guests can visit the bridge and learn about navigation during the cruise.

Briefings & Lectures

The expert naturalist guide unlocks the mysteries of the islands. This on-board expert offers nightly briefings and lectures on the day´s discoveries and specific topics related to the islands.

Family Departures

The dedicated family departures are selected cruises during the year that intermix discovery with entertainment for the whole family. Cleverly planned activities are set into the daily agenda that allow children to learn about the magic and mysteries of the Enchanted Islands. This is an excellent chance for them to become familiar with fantastic and unique species, to comprehend evolution, and other topics of interest.

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