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Celestyal Cruises FAQ

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding travel requirements, onboard amenities, communication facilities and special requests.


How large is the ship?

Celestyal Olympia is 214,88m long and 28,4m wide. It has 10 decks and can accommodate up to 1664 cruisers.


What is the electrical voltage on board?

For Celestyal Olympia, it is 110v.


Do any of the cabin’s windows open?

No, they do not open. Only balcony suites have doors that open from the inside.  

Is there a medical centre on board?

We have a well-equipped medical center and a doctor on standby for first aid whenever we are at sea. Anytime during your cruise, our ship’s doctor schedules appointments, unless there is an emergency. Should you require onboard medical care or any medication, your personal account will be charged accordingly. Please do check with your health insurance provider, if any of the costs can be reimburse to you. We will provide you with a receipt that can be submitted accordingly.


The Bar on the Celestyal Cruise Ship

Is there a gift shop on board?

Our shops often have special offers and each member of our helpful staff will assist you in finding whatever you want or need. We’ve got treats for you and gifts for your loved ones back home. The exceptional quality of the merchandise in our shops will delight you, and the prices will be a pleasant surprise: our prices are competitive with the duty free shops at any airport or harbor.

We also have a section of our shop devoted exclusively to Greek products. Stop by and browse our outstanding selection of Greek wines and spirits (including ouzo), cosmetics and jewelry made in Greece and specialty souvenirs. And we’ve got everything you need to stock your “new” Greek kitchen, so you can start cooking Greek cuisine at home, including capers, olives, oregano and thyme. Make sure not to miss our authentic Greek shopping area, where you will be able to find a large selection of Greek souvenirs and products.


What about Spa and fitness services on board?

If you want to keep in shape while you cruise with us, feel free to visit our fully-equipped gym (towels provided). Some of our vessels also have a Jacuzzi available for a post-workout soak or if you just want to relax and enjoy some hydrotherapy (the size of each gym and its available amenities vary from ship to ship). 


Is there a casino on the vessel?

Do you like games of chance? Do you like to feel the rush of Adrenaline? Do you crave unbridled excitement? Join us in our comfortable casino and try your luck. We’ve have games for every taste. We promise you a great time. Enjoy a specialty cocktail while you play blackjack, poker, roulette or our slots, all day and night. If you’re 18 or older we invite you to sit down at our tables and succumb to the seductive atmosphere in our casinos while the ship is at sea, (they only close when we are in port). Order your favorite drink from our waiters during play, and enjoy the stellar service Celestyal Cruises is famous for –. We’ll make you feel at home, no matter how deep into the night you want to roll.


The Bar on the Celestyal Cruise Ship

Can I travel if I have special mobility needs?

If you are physically challenged or your mobility is impaired, at the time of booking we kindly request that you provide us with full and detailed information in connection to your disability. If we believe there might be a safety issue for you or for your traveling companion, Celestyal Cruises reserves the right to advise that the passenger with health or mobility problems must have the assistance of a person who will be responsible for and take charge of all of this passenger’s needs and requirements. If you or your travelling companion requires personal, individual care or supervision, this must be organized by you or your traveling companion at your cost. No Celestyal Cruises ship or staff or crew member can provide specific care or supervision to anyone, nor can we provide any form of medical care for a physical or psychiatric condition.

We have a limited number of cabins suitable for people with disabilities or whose mobility is impaired, and not all areas of our ships are accessible to these passengers or equipped for them. Passengers travelling with a wheelchair should be aware that they may not be allowed to disembark in the ports when tender service is in use, for their own safety. Given these restrictions, bookings for such passengers are dependent upon the availability of suitable onboard lodging. If Celestyal Cruises deems it necessary, the assistance of a fully able person capable of catering to the passenger for the duration of the selected cruise may be requested to escort the passenger with mobility restrictions. All costs are to be supported by the passenger. Passengers in wheelchairs must bring their own wheelchairs, of normal size. Celestyal Cruises only carries wheelchairs for emergencies on its vessels.


Are pregnant ladies allowed to travel on the cruise?

For their own health and safety, ladies may travel up to their 24th week of pregnancy, provided that they are holders of a written certification for travelling ability issued by their gynecologist. We recommend that pregnant women who have not yet completed the 12th week of their pregnancy by the date of the cruise to consult their gynecologist.


The Casino on the Celestyal Cruise Ship

Is there a minimum age requirement for an infant to sail on Celestyal Cruises?

For their own health and safety, infants under three months old are not permitted on board. If your baby is older than three months, please feel free to bring him or her along. If you require a baby cot, please advise our Customer Service Department at least one month prior to your cruise. We must advise you that we do not carry baby food on board, nor do we provide a babysitting service.


How early do I need to be at the terminal on embarkation day?

Our embarkation process commences three hours prior to the ship’s departure – you must be at the port no later than two hours prior to departure to check in at the cruise terminal. Passengers who do not arrive at check-in at least 30 minutes prior to departure are considered “no-shows,” and we are unable to issue refunds for these cancellations.


What do I need to embark?

You must present your passport and/or ID card and your ticket at check-in. If you do not have your ticket with you because it has not been issued to you. Please check with your travel agent to make sure that your ticket will be available for collection at check-in desk. During check-in you will receive your personal boarding card, which you will use as a debit and ID card throughout your cruise. You can make all onboard purchase with this card, although you cannot use it in the casino.

For safety reasons and for expediting our embarkation and disembarkation procedures at each port, your identity card or passport will be kept by ship’s Pursers during check-in in passenger embarkation terminal; Identity cards and passports will be returned to you prior to the end of your cruise. At all ports of arrival you are only required to present your personal boarding card if and when it is requested.


What is included in the cruise ticket?

Your cruise rate includes:

  • Port Charges
  • Gratuities
  • Cabin Accommodation in the Category you have booked
  • Full Board (except specialty menu in the Dining Room & Room Service)
  • Onboard Entertainment, day & night activities
  • Use of Swimming Pools
  • Use of Fitness Center & Sauna
  • Use of safety deposit box
  • Unlimited drink package
  • Selected shore excursions

What type of amenities will I find in my cabin?

All cabins are equipped with shower, WC, air condition, telephone, TV, safety boxes and hairdryers. All suites have refrigerated mini bars.

The Stage on the Celestyal Cruise Ship

Are there laundry facilities on board and dry cleaning?

Laundry and dry cleaning are available on board at an additional charge that will be added to your personal account.


Is smoking allowed on board?

Smoking is prohibited in all of the ship’s interior spaces, including your cabin; you may smoke on open deck wherever there are no signs prohibiting smoking and ashtrays are available (do not throw cigarettes over the side of the ship).


Is there a safe deposit box for storing valuables in the cabin?

All cabins are equipped with safety boxes where you can store your valuables.


Is smoking allowed on board?

Smoking is prohibited in all of the ship’s interior spaces, including your cabin; you may smoke on open deck wherever there are no signs prohibiting smoking and ashtrays are available (do not throw cigarettes over the side of the ship).  

Is there a safe deposit box for storing valuables in the cabin?

All cabins are equipped with safety boxes where you can store your valuables.


The Inner Cabin on the Celestyal Cruise Ship

What is the currency used on board?

The official currency on all of our ships is the euro: all prices are displayed in euros.


Can I exchange currency on board?

If you wish to change hard currency into Euros, the Reception Desk on your ship can change limited amounts.


Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa and debit cards (as long as they are suitable for electronic transactions and they are not Maestro Debit Cards). We accept travelers’ checks (a 2% commission is charged), but we cannot accept personal checks.


How do I set up my shipboard account?

We believe good accounting makes good friends. During check-in you will receive your personal boarding card. Your personal boarding card functions as a debit card, so you can put away your wallet while you’re on board. Your transactions are now cashless, so you don’t have to carry cash on our ships – all purchases are made, instantly, with your personal boarding card. Use it in our shops, in our salons, at our spas and to purchase Shore Excursions. Don’t worry about having cash on you, you’ve got your boarding card. Relax and enjoy yourself. 


How do I settle my account on the end of the cruise?

On the final day of your cruise you will receive a bill in your cabin with a detailed list of all charges on your personal boarding card – you can also collect this bill from the Reception Desk. If you have chosen to leave a cash deposit with Reception, you must pay the balance of your bill with cash or collect any remaining balance. After you settle your account, either in cash or by a credit or debit card, your personal boarding card will no longer be valid and any purchase you make on board must be paid with cash.


How do I notify you that I have a dietary request?

If you have any specific dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances, please let us know in advance so we can make the necessary adjustments wherever possible.


Are juice, coffee, soft drinks, water included in the cruise rate? 

Your cruise rate does not include any beverages other than tap water, filter coffee and tea served at meal times.


What is the dress code on board?

For your safety and comfort on board we suggest sports or flat deck shoes with low heels. These types of footwear will make it easier for you to walk in the outside decks and stairwells.

On our seven-day cruises we host Gala Night and the Captain’s Cocktail in honor of our passengers, and we ask that you attend in formal dress: a cocktail dress or something smart for the ladies, jacket and tie for the men.


The Inner Cabin on the Celestyal Cruise Ship

Can I check in on the web prior to the cruise?

This facility is not available due to passport checking formalities by the local authorities. You will have to go through the regular check-in procedure at the port.


Are vaccinations required to visit Greece and Turkey? 

No, they are not any vaccinations required to visit those countries.


Is there room service available, for free? 

You will receive a room service menu in your cabin. Room service is at extra charge.


Are there luggage restrictions?

No, there are no luggage restrictions.  However we suggest that you do not travel with huge heavy luggage due to restricted storage space in your cabin.


Can I bring alcoholic beverages on board?

If you have purchased alcoholic beverages from our shops or during an excursion, please ensure you collect them before disembarking. Souvenir knives and/or similar items which may have been kept at the time of embarkation by Port Security must be collected from ship’s Security officers at the gangway, before your final disembarkation.


The Inner Cabin on the Celestyal Cruise Ship

Will there be cell phone service while on board? 

Our ships are equipped with robust telephone service and Internet access 24-7, so you can always get in touch with your loved ones or take care of any business needs. 

Whenever your ship has a land signal from a Greek or a foreign mobile telephone network, your phone will also have a signal, provided it is enabled to roam. There may be periods during your cruise, however, when we are outside of any service area: you will be able to use your mobile phone, but it will have to be via a connection to your ship’s satellite, which entails a substantial charge. We therefore suggest you avoid doing so, unless there is an emergency and you must make a call.


Are there computers on board with Internet access?

We offer tablets for rental so as for you to access internet. We also offer Wi Fi services (satellite permitting) at a charge in most public areas but not in the cabins.


If I celebrate a special occasion during the cruise (Birthday, anniversary, honeymoon) what do I do? 

We offer a wide range of celebration packages on board to celebrate your special occasion; renewal of wedding vows, birthday and anniversary cakes, honeymooners’ packages, Champagne under the stars and many more.  


How can I send a present to someone travelling on the cruise? 

It’s always lovely to know someone is thinking of you, even when you’re traveling, and it’s touching when a colleague or your boss, or your children, have done something special to make your cruise even more enjoyable.  If you’d like to do so for one of our passengers, Celestyal Cruises provides you with its “Bon Voyage Gift” service. We’ll help you send a beautiful basket of fresh fruit to the cabin and a bottle of wine or champagne. If your employee or friend is traveling with his or her family, you can send them our “All-Inclusive Drink Package” as a Bon Voyage Gift – they will surely enjoy it. We also offer vouchers for our spas for a romantic dinner for two on deck. Use your imagination! We’ll help you give the perfect gift. 


The Upper Deck of a Celestyal Cruise Ship

How do I purchase a beverage package and where can I use it?

As soon as you have booked your itinerary and your cabin, you can then proceed with the purchase of your drinking package. Visit our website at http://www.celestyalcruises.com/en/login.html and with your email and booking number login to your account and choose the drinking package you like! If you have not yet decide, you can always do it on board but with a slighter higher price.


Do I need to reserve shore excursions prior to the cruise or can I do this on board?

As soon as you have booked your itinerary and your cabin, you can then proceed with the purchase of your shore excursion. Visit our website at http://www.celestyalcruises.com/en/login.html and with your email and booking number login to your account and choose the excursions you like!


What is the minimum age to travel unaccompanied by an adult?

You must be at least 18 years old to travel without an adult. If you are under the limited required age, an adult will need to complete a release form and will be considered responsible for you during the cruise. 


Is there an emergency number for the ship? 

Celestyal Olympia:  00870 322900020


The Restaurant on a Celestyal Cruise Ship

Can I use the telephone in my cabin to call home and what is the cost?

You can use the telephone in your cabin to call home. The charges depend on the duration of your call and on the country you are calling. Reception desk on board will provide necessary information before you make the call. 


What documents do I need to travel? 

You need a valid passport and your e-ticket. Citizens of a number of European countries may travel with an ID card. Please check with your embassy in order to clarify if you may travel to non-Schengen countries with an ID card or if you need to have a valid passport. 


Which languages are spoken on board? 

An average of 8 languages are spoken on board. We are confident that you will find the language you are fluent in.


What are the items that are not allowed on board? 

Weapons, knifes of all types, items of dangerous nature.


Should I obtain a visa to participate in a cruise with Celestyal Cruises?

Depending on your nationality you may require a Multi entry Schengen visa to travel to Greece. Please check with your embassy. 


The Showroom on a Celestyal Cruise Ship

Should I purchase a travel insurance?

We recommend that you purchase a travel insurance to cover any unforeseen matters such as illness, hospital fees, repatriation costs, damaged luggage or loss of personal items etc.  Please contact your travel agent. 


Is there a baby siting service?

We regret to inform you that due to safety reasons we are not to be able to provide baby-sitting service.


What kind of activities are available for children on board?

Depending on the number of children and their age, activities will be organized on a daily basis for the children during navigation hours. Please review the daily program that will be issued on board. 


What is the minimum age to consume alcohol on the vessel? 

Alcohol consumption is allowed to the people who have completed their 18 year of age. 


Can one person only in a cabin buy the package?

All cabin occupants have to purchase one of the packages.


Can I drink water out of the tap?

There is no problem with the tap water on board so you may drink it if you choose to.


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