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Century Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s included in the cost?

Your private air conditioned en-suite cabin with hair dryer and coffee/tea station, shore excursions, bottled water throughout the cruise, all meals with coffee and tea & transfers from set hotels to the pier. Water - Drinkable water is offered through the cabin thermos and complimentary bottled water. Please do not drink the tap water.
What forms of payments are offered?
All charges for services and products onboard will be placed on the guest’s shipboard account to be settled at the end of the voyage. Payment may be made onboard by Visa or MasterCard.


How often do the ship run?

Every Friday Downstream - 4 Day
Every Monday Upstream - 5 Day
Dates are subject to change due to weather condition, river condition and navigation control, etc.


What makes Century cruise ships special?

Century Cruise ships is different from other cruise experiences because there is an emphasis on tranquility, friendliness, freedom and care. A five start experience with great amenities, entertainment, shore excursions and comfort will allow one to take in the Yangtze River rather then worry about the ship they are on. Plus Century ships have a full top deck for public space for passengers to enjoy all around views of the river and sunshine. There are no “cruise only days” – every day there is at least one stop and excursion (subject to river conditions).


What activities/excursions are included off-shore?

Excursions ashore a key part of any river expedition. You’ll stop at least once a day, usually twice. Our expert guides will accompany you on these explorations. All scheduled excursions accompanied by members of the crew with first aid kits and water. Any entrance fees for sights included in the itinerary and crew assists in areas where river banks are steep and slippery. If there is additional time, one or two optional shore excursions may be organized according to sailing conditions. The optional shore excursions include White Emperor City, Ghost City, The Tribe of the three Gorges or the Bamboo Forest. The fee for the optional shore excursions is not included in the cruise package.


What activities are included on board?

Whilst the peace and tranquility of our passengers is our priority and many passengers prefer to take part in many activities offered onboard. Lectures on Yangtze River to culture, dance and song night shows, movies, Tai Chi, Chinese Calligraphy, majong, Chinese folk dance, cooking lessons even kite flying are all activities to keep you active in your cruise.


What’s the dress code?

Attire is smart casual remember the country you are in – no dressing up is required.


Is there an on-board spa?

Yes. Spa offers head massage, foot massage and body massages in dedicated spa area on the ship.


What about Safety?

As safety goes first, In case the low water level or unpermitted river conditions effect Century Cruises arrival in the homeport of Chongqing, the ships will embark and disembark in Fuling, where is one and half hours bus ride to Chongqing. Century Cruises will be responsible for the transfer between Fuling and Chongqing. In case of upgrading or maintenance on the Three Gorges Dam ship locks, or if the flow of the river’s upper reaches exceed 40,000 cubic meter per second during flood season, our ships will instead embark and disembark at Maoping pier, west of the ship locks in Yichang.CENTURY CRUISES will be responsible for the transfer between Maoping and Yichang. SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX - Safe boxes are provided for free on century cruises. Passengers can put the their valuables in the boxes directly. Century Cruises do not respond for losing any valuable thing in passenger's cabin.


What is the Electricity & Voltage on the ship?

Electricity - 220 volts throughout all ships; 110 volts in the bathroom; wattage may not be compatible with your hair dryer. Please DO NOT use personal equipment in your cabins. Video cameras, digital cameras and other electrical appliances can be recharged at the front desk.


Is there a gift shop onboard?

Yes. In the Century boutique is a wide variety of Chinese gifts and souvenirs for family, friends or personal collections, as well as useful sundries. Souvenirs are all from Yangtze destinations with oriental clothing, Century logo items, post cards and more.


What about Laundry service?

Yes. There are laundry facilities available at an additional cost.


Is there Internet or Wi-Fi and telephone service?

Telephone, Internet and Fax - The latest satellite communications systems are on board each Century ship. All our ships possess international calling capabilities; fax options, and Internet service (these services may not be available at all times through the Three Gorges). All of these services are fee-based and you can sign charges to your account and settle them at the end of the voyage.


What is the Luggage Restriction?

Maximum baggage allowance is 1 bag per person at a maximum of 20kg. In addition to the main piece of luggage, passengers may also bring a small carry.

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