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Coral Expeditions II South Pacific Cruise Ship Activities

  • Coral Expeditions II South Pacific Cruise Ship Trip on Your Vacations
  • Coral Expeditions' access to out-of-the-way places and communities is unique in three special ways.
  • see the remarkable regions on your trip
  • Culture and art is a special experience on your trip
  • Explore Traditional cultures, ancient rituals and the most spectacular scenery.

Whether you’re coming face to face with vibrantly coloured fish as you snorkel over a reef, chatting with the villagers in a remote and rarely-visited community of the Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea or admiring the ancient Bradshaw (Gwion) Paintings of the Kimberley region, you really will feel like you’re not just seeing these remarkable regions but truly experiencing them.

UNIQUE ACCESS: Coral Expeditions' access to out-of-the-way places and communities is unique in three special ways.

Firstly, the shallow draught of the small ships allows us to safely access and anchor close to bays and landscapes that larger ships just cannot giving us a bird-eye view of spectacular beaches, bays and at times, bustling port communities.

Secondly, the unique Xplorer tenders, comfortably appointed with shading and onboard toilet facilities, enable penetration inland, with explorations up shallow rivers and streams, to waterfalls and other amazing landscapes. Inflatable Zodiacs and kayaks enable guests an up-close-and-personal view of reefs, islands and atolls and allow peaceful explorations to out-of-the-way places.

Lastly, the experienced Expedition Team, guided by an Expedition Leader and complimented by qualified experts with specific knowledge of local people, cultures and landscapes, has the knowledge and connections, to gain unique access to areas often restricted to other travellers.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving: On the Great Barrier Reef, Papua New Guinea and Asia expeditions you will enjoy opportunities to snorkel and SCUBA dive over the South Pacific’s most colourful and pristine coral reefs. A complimentary SCUBA skills session is included for all first-time divers. Snorkelling and SCUBA diving departments are fully stocked with a wide range of snorkels, fins and masks (to fit all sizes) along with all the necessary equipment to allow you to try the unforgettable experience that is SCUBA diving. Snorkelling equipment will be assigned to all guests.

Private moorings: The Great Barrier Reef is on everyone’s bucket list of spectacular places to visit, and Coral Expeditions will take you to exclusive reef moorings with the very best coral gardens, rainforests and secluded tropical islands visible right outside your window.

Guided by a qualified Marine Biologist and including a SCUBA Dive Master, 3, 4 and 7 night Great Barrier Reef immersive cruises showcase the very best of this World Heritage-listed natural wonder.

Guided hikes: With Coral Expeditions, time off the ship is an important part of the expedition experience. As well as exploring narrow waterways and secluded bays by tender vessel, the Expedition Team like nothing more than taking guests on a guided hike to points of interest, elevated look-outs, rock art sites and hilltop temples.

Whilst every cruise destination is different, there’ll be opportunities as diverse as rainforest and beach walk, more strenuous hikes to lookouts and viewpoints and in some areas, interpretive boardwalks. Outdoor activities are designed to suit a variety of physical abilities and fitness levels and no athletic ability is presumed. Your Expedition Team will be on hand to guide and assist whenever necessary. Hikes vary in intensity and where possible, groups can be split to suit easy and moderate walkers as well as those who want to stretch themselves a little.

Cultural Interaction: Interaction with local communities is an important part of any travel experience and this is no exception with Coral Expeditions.

In the Kimberley and Top End of Australia, guests are privileged to visit indigenous communities in Arnhem Land, the Tiwi and Thursday Islands and on the Cobourg Peninsula. Gaining insight into their ancient connection with the land and their culture and art is a special experience. Not only will you be spellbound by the rugged beauty of these landscapes but by the unique ways of the Aboriginal, Torres Strait and Tiwi people who call them home.

In New Guinea and Asia, guests are welcomed into coastal communities often with a ceremonial dance. Visits help keep alive these traditional forms of dance and itineraries have been carefully designed to showcase the very best traditional cultures, ancient rituals and the most spectacular scenery.

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