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Aren Bergstrom Head of Content & Communications 1 year, 3 months ago

Go North: 5 Reasons to Plan a Vacation to The Nordics

  • Harbour in Copenhagen, Denmark

Most of the world is once again open for travel and people are hungry for new travel experiences. If you’re overwhelmed by all the travel options available to you, we have some simple advice: go north.

The Nordics, including Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are great destinations at any time of year and boast the kind of natural splendour that will leave you in awe. Not only that, they’re culturally-fascinating places, with strong connections to the environment and appealing and progressive cities. You can easily combine several of these destinations on a single itinerary or take advantage of stopover options to pair the north with other destinations in continental Europe.

Perhaps most appealing is that Goway has joined with tourism partners in The Nordics to offer travellers great savings when booking a vacation to these northern gems. All travellers who book a trip to The Nordics by the end of June will receive $500 off their booking. All of Goway’s travel ideas to The Nordics are eligible for this deal. If we sell it, you can save on it. Some terms and conditions apply (continue reading to learn more).

It’s time to go north and experience all the natural beauty, cultural wonder, and new adventures waiting for you in The Nordics. Need more info? Here are five reasons to plan a Nordic vacation in 2022 or beyond.

What are The Nordics?

As a reminder, The Nordics include Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Some of these countries are collectively known as Scandinavia, but Nordic is a broader term that also encompasses the nations in the North Atlantic. Both Greenland and the Faroe Islands are technically a part of the Danish state, but they are both independently governed and deserve mention as their own unique destinations.

Why should you plan a vacation to The Nordics?

1. The Nordics are home to natural wonders.

Norway Trolltunga

The nature up north is spectacular. Mighty fjords cut through green hillsides, swaying birch trees give way to golden meadows, rocky coastlines hide peaceful coves. In winter, the landscape transforms into a snowy wonderland, with the Northern Lights dancing above the cities and countryside. In the height of summer, the Midnight Sun bathes the land in a perpetual twilight, offering long, seemingly endless, days for outdoor activities. Norway during the Midnight Sun is made for road trips, so book a self-drive vacation and explore alongside fjords and mountains through all hours of the day. In Denmark, the ocean is only a short drive away no matter where you are in the country. Finland has the pleasures of the Baltic Sea during the summer and the northern forests that transform into the perfect Christmas getaway during winter. Sweden is made for days spent on the coastal islands and nights relaxing beneath the stars and drinking in the fresh air. In Iceland, you can get your fix of waterfalls, volcanoes, and glaciers, while Greenland offers the chance for remote adventure in one of the world’s final frontiers. And if you really want to get away, the Faroe Islands lie in the North Atlantic, waiting for you to discover its windswept cliffs and pastoral meadows. If you love nature, the Nordics are made for you.

2. The Nordics are year-round destinations.

Sweden cabin on water

The Nordics are not made for one season and one season only. Rather, they reward travellers who want to experience all the various pleasures of the seasons. These nations are most iconic for winter, when snow blankets the mainlands and the Northern Lights are a common sight in the skies above. You can go cross-country skiing in the northern reaches of Finnish Lapland and learn the traditions of the Indigenous Sami people, who have herded reindeer in the far north for millennia. You can book a winter cruise around Greenland and Iceland, spending your days hiking alongside snow-capped volcanoes and spotting migrating whales in the iceberg-filled waters. You can go on a polar bear safari on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, the polar bear capital of the world. You can cosy up in the bars and restaurants of Copenhagen and Stockholm after spending time enjoying the snow right outside the cities. In the summer, the landscape transforms into a green wonderland, with long days, cool nights, and the refreshing waters of the coast always a short drive away. Fall and spring are the shoulder seasons, when the mild weather and stunning natural environment is perfect for hiking and cycling. The prices may vary depending on the season and your outdoor options certainly change, but there’s no one way to experience The Nordics. You can pick a season and find so much to see and do.

3. The Nordics have appealing cultural experiences.

Swedish bakery

The Nordics are so beautiful that it can be easy to forget that they’re also home to some of the most appealing cultures on the planet. In terms of quality of life, The Nordics rank at or near the top of most lists. These are countries that care about education, healthcare, protecting the natural environment, making cities walkable, and helping out families. You can see evidence of this when you visit the cities, such as Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, or Helsinki. You’ll notice how easy it is to get around, whether by foot, bike, or public transit. You’ll notice how space is made for people to congregate without cars, with lots of public squares and appealing places to spend an afternoon among friends. You’ll notice the abundance of parks and how every day in The Nordics interacts with nature in some way. And you’ll notice the joy of life in the shops and restaurants and galleries, how food and drink and art and crafts ought to be shared with others and celebrated and enjoyed on a daily basis. 

Outside of the cities, the culture arguably grows even more fascinating. In the Faroe Islands, you can learn how the population of just under 50,000 has carved out life on these northern islands, with music and sport such key parts of their heritage. In Greenland, you can meet the Inuit, who have lived in the far north for tens of thousands of years and who understand the rhythms of nature better than any settler civilization. The nature is spectacular in The Nordics, but the people are fascinating and welcoming and you’ll learn so much each day you spend alongside them.

4. The Nordics are great for multi-destination vacations or stopovers.

Reykjavik church

You don’t have to stick to one country when visiting The Nordics. When you go north, you can explore several countries on one itinerary. Follow the coastal highways through mainland Scandinavia and journey from Oslo to Copenhagen to Stockholm and all the way to Helsinki, stopping off in cities and small fishing villages along the way. You can book a journey through Iceland and Greenland, experiencing the best of the North Atlantic as you go on excursions to glaciers and icebergs and meet with people living in remote settlements. You can also take advantage of appealing stopover options, connecting The Nordics to each other as well as mainland Europe. For instance, if you fly with Icelandair, you can enjoy a stopover of up to seven days in Iceland before continuing on to other destinations in Europe, such as Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, or Paris, at no extra cost. It all counts as one flight, so you can add an Icelandic vacation to your trip without paying for additional flights.

5. The Nordics accommodate all manner of travel styles and experiences.

Greenland village

These should be obvious from all we’ve written about how The Nordics are great in different seasons, have appealing cities and stunning natural landscapes, and how they offer charming culture both in the countryside and in the largest capitals. But it bears repeating: you can travel through The Nordics in any way you choose. You can book a self-drive and explore the landscapes at your own pace, with pre-booked accommodations and tours offering a structure to your journey. You can follow the coastlines and fjords of the mainland. You can go on a polar bear safari in Svalbard or a remote adventure in the farthest reaches of Greenland. You can stick to the major cities, such as Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki and enjoy all the cosmopolitan pleasures of world-class restaurants and art galleries. You can join a larger tour group and see a sampling of these nations alongside other travellers, or rely on expert private guides to offer personalized insight and perspective to landmarks and historical events.

Bonus: You can save $500 per booking on a vacation to The Nordics if you book by the end of June.

Finnish Lapland

We’re reiterating this because we don’t want this point to be lost in the shuffle. If you book a trip to The Nordics by the end of June, you’ll save $500 on your booking. The value of the land-only portions of the booking must total at least $5,000 for the discount to apply. As well, savings are per booking, not per person.

It’s time to go north and book a vacation to The Nordics. Take advantage of gorgeous natural environments, year-round activities, charming cultural encounters, and an abundance of travel style and stopover options. No matter the season, no matter how you explore them, The Nordics have something that will wow you.

It’s time to hit the open road. Just make sure your compass points north.

This article is written in partnership with The Nordics.

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3 Jun 2022, 4:18 p.m.

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