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Christian Baines Content Editor 4 years, 3 months ago

10 Reasons to 'Come on Over' to Australia

  • Outback farm at sunset

Put the word out! Australia invites you to ‘come on over’ and see what makes the land Downunder such a must-see destination. Here are ten reasons to make 2020 the year you ‘come on over’ to Australia.

1. For lunch

Is there an invitation more Aussie than ‘come over for a barbie?’ Don’t panic, vegetarians. Australia’s ideal climate ensures fresh, year-round ingredients catering to every palate. It might be a simple ‘barbie’ (we hate to break it to you, but Australians call them prawns, not shrimp), a progressive lunch at Sydney Harbour’s most prestigious waterside restaurants, or some surprisingly innovative and upscale options at the local pub. No matter your taste or budget, a trip to Australia will find and indulge your inner foodie.

2. For a coffee or vino

Wine in Barossa Valley

You might as well forget your Starbucks order. From funky coffee houses in inner city laneways to eye-popping menus in unpretentious country bakeries, Australia is all about the independent coffee! Aussies like their coffee strong (if it’s not espresso based, it doesn’t count) and usually milky, such as in the signature morning staple, the Flat White. Once you’ve sampled the good stuff, it’s hard to go back. We could say the same of Australian wine, particularly in South Australia’s Barossa Valley, or in the Hunter Valley, just north of Sydney. Shiraz is the local specialty, but be sure to try a sip of Australia’s take on your favourite as well. Most grape varieties grow pretty well here.

3. Come nose to nose with Aussie icons

If you’re coming to Australia, you’ll want to meet some of the unique critters that have worked their way into our hearts as Aussie icons. Feed a ‘roo or wallaby by hand, or keep your eyes peeled for shy wombats and echidnas in the wild. More adventurous types might snap a quokka selfie on Rottnest Island, or watch a fearsome Tasmanian devil or saltwater crocodile feeding. Australia’s cutest celebrity of course (apologies to the Hemsworth family) is the koala. You can meet these loveable marsupials all over the country, but if your heart’s set on a photo holding one, be sure to include either Queensland or South Australia in your travels. They’re the only states where you’ll be able to do so.

4. Take in the view

The only question is, which view? Hike to Sydney’s ultimate panorama at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Hit Victoria’s Great Ocean Road until you reach the awe-inspiring Twelve Apostles. Admire the craggy peaks of Cradle Mountain as they rise above Dove Lake in Tasmania, or catch a sunrise or sunset view of Uluru. A trip to Australia is a feast for the eyes, no matter where it takes you.

5. See the local art collection

You’ve probably seen how good Aussies are on the sports field or in the pool, but they’re a pretty creative, arts-loving lot too! The Museum of Old and New Art, located a short ferry ride from Hobart, might just be the most spectacular modern art space you ever see (yes Guggenheim, we went there), and with a mission to make art accessible and fun for all, it’s as unpretentious as its name. Back on the mainland, many of Australia’s other top galleries are free to enter, including Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria and the Ian Potter Centre (for some home grown art), Sydney’s Art Gallery of New South Wales and Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art.

6. Hear a yarn or two

The Rocks district in Sydney

The great Aussie tradition of sharing a ripping (and likely exaggerated) yarn lives on in the present day, and is easily discovered on any number of walking tours or day trips in any part of the country. One of our favourites is a history walk in Sydney’s Rocks District, where tales of convicts, free settlers, and the occasional ghost come together to bring the area’s history to life. But just as important are the yarns you’ll return home with after your trip to Australia.

7. Explore Uluru the way it was meant to be explored

In October 2019, a ban on climbing Uluru/Ayers Rock finally went into effect, fulfilling the wishes of its traditional owners, the Anungu people, and enshrining the rock’s sacred status in law. Of course, the best way to see Uluru was always on the ground, in the company of a local Aboriginal guide. Uluru itself is just the centerpiece of an incredible landscape rich with indigenous history and legend. A guided walk with the traditional owners will bring you closer to understanding and appreciating Uluru than climbing it ever could.

8. Sleepover on the reef

Australia is famous for its hospitality, but not every room gives you a view of the world’s largest underwater natural wonder. The Great Barrier Reef is a highlight of many first trips to Australia, but even if you’ve seen it before, it’s another thing to see it all from the comfort of your perfectly appointed suite with floor to ceiling windows. You can even opt for a night-time dive, taking in a view of the Great Barrier Reef rarely seen by visitors.

9. Land a bargain

Skyline of Melbourne, Australia

Nobody said perfection came cheap. A trip to Australia can feel a bit pricey, but here’s the good news. The US and Canadian dollars are both riding high against their Aussie counterpart right now, making it the perfect time to visit. Plus, with more airlines and routes across the Pacific on offer than ever, you can pick up a great deal on the fare.

10. Lend a hand!

All our hearts went out to the Australian communities affected by devastating and unprecedented bushfires in December and January. Now, the focus is on rebuilding, and as a visitor to Australia, you have a valuable part to play. You’re helping out just by visiting the country, discovering first hand that it’s still one of the world’s top destinations, and inspiring others to follow your lead. What’s more, Goway will make a cash donation to Tourism Cares’ Destination Disaster Recovery Fund for every Australia booking it receives up until March 31, 2020. You can also help the animals by donating to the Koala Clancy Foundation and Bangalow Koalas. Both organisations have been working to replant and help restore the koala’s devastated natural habitat.


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