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Malaysia Nature and Wildlife

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  • The rare Proboscis Monkey
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  • The masked tree frog
  • Mother orangutan with her cute baby

Malaysia is home to approximately 210 mammals, 250 reptiles, 150 frog species, 150 snake species as well as at least 80 lizards. Mammals in Malaysia include elephants, rhinoceros (although extremely rare), tigers, leopards, honey bears, forest cattle, gibbons and monkeys as well as orang-utans. Birds include pheasants, sacred hornbills, kingfishers, sunbirds and woodpeckers to name a few. Cobras, vipers and pythons are some of the snakes found in Malaysia, but out of 150 snake species, only 16 are venomous.

In terms of marine life, much of Malaysian waters are part of biodiversity hotspots. The waters around Sipadan Island are considered some of the most diverse in the world. There are around 600 beautiful coral species and around 1200 different kinds of fish. Whale sharks, hammerheads and reef sharks are common as are manta rays. Five species of sea turtles and twenty types of sea snakes call the waters of Malaysia home.

Approximately two-thirds of Malaysia is covered in the forest believed to be around 130 million years old. There are around 14,500 species of flowering plants and trees with 8,000 found on the peninsula alone. It is said that there are approximately 240 different species of trees per hectare. The world’s tallest tropical tree - the tualang - is found in Malaysia as well as the world’s largest flower - the rafflesia which measures up to 1m across.

In order to protect this vast wildlife, 28 National Parks and Conservation Areas have been established in East Malaysia with a further 17 in Peninsular Malaysia. The Department of Wildlife and National Parks carries out monitoring programs that allow the department to plan for the management of threatened and commercial wildlife species. They have established many programs highlighting the conservation and preservation of species like the Sumatran Rhinoceros, the Tapiri, tigers, elephants and orang-utans. The government also aims to educate the public about human and wildlife conflicts that are quite common in Malaysia. An example of such conflicts is when an elephant leaves the forest to feed on crops, plantations and orchards, resulting in very upset farmers. Therefore the government is working on ways to manage wildlife while also preserving the agriculture present in Malaysia.



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