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Belize Food and Drink

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It is hard to pick food that is distinctly Belizean, instead, cuisine found in the country is a mixture of Caribbean, Mexican, African, Spanish and Mayan traditions. Rice and beans are a major staple of the country’s diet and are served as an accompaniment to most main dishes. Since Belize has only recently begun to raise cattle, the population is known to consume some interesting games including gibnut and even iguana. Belize cuisine is perhaps best known for its seafood in which fresh fish, lobster and conch are widely available. Tropical fruits are also widely available with the most common being mangoes, papayas, pineapples, melons and bananas.


Popular dishes include:

Conch fritters: These are the most popular appetizers in the country and consist of deep-fried balls of flour batter with chopped conch meat. They can be found on the majority of restaurant menus in Belize.

Tacos: Using corn or flour tortillas, tacos are then filled with shredded chicken, onions, cabbage, cilantro and more.

Carnaches: This is a typical Mestizo dish that is made up of a fried tortilla served with refried beans, cabbage, carrots and cheese.

Ereba: This dish comes from the Garifuna people (the descendants of Carib, Arawak and West African people) and consists of bread made from grated cassava, often eaten with fish, plantains or gravy.

Ceviche: This is a cold marinade that combines fish, conch, and/or shrimp that has been cooked in lime juice and seasoned.

Stewed chicken/beef/fish: These stews are often considered the national dish of Belize. They are Kriol inspired and are dark in colour as a result of the spices used to flavour them as well as from the red recado seasoning paste often used.



Some of the most popular drinks in Belize are fresh shakes made from the abundance of tropical fruits on offer. Another favourite shake is the seaweed shake made from dried seaweed, evaporated and condensed milk, flavoured with cinnamon and nutmeg then blended with ice. 

Belikin beer is the national beer of Belize and comes in several varieties including Belikin lager, Belikin premium and Belikin Stout. The brewery also makes its own locally produced Guinness.  Finally, rum is the most popular liquor in the country and there are many brands and distilleries available.


Things to know:

Most restaurants will add a service charge to bills ranging from 10-15%. If a service charge is not included, then tipping 15% for good service is acceptable.


Drinking age:




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