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Bulgaria Geography and Maps

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Bulgaria is situated on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. It shares borders with Romania in the north, the Black Sea in the east, Greece and Turkey in the south, and Serbia and Macedonia in the west. Geographically, the country of Bulgaria can be divided into four regions: the Danubian Plain, the Balkan Mountains, the Thracian Plain, and the Rhodope Mountains.

The Danubian Plain is in northern Bulgaria and stretches from the country’s western borders to the Black Sea. The relief of the plain features many hills, as well as plateaus and river valleys.  The Balkan Mountains contain heights that range from 900-2,100 m (3,000-7,000 ft) in height.  The highest peak in this range is Mount Botev at 2,376 m (7,795 ft), and it is from this range that the Balkan Peninsula gets its name.  

The southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains lead into the Thracian Plain. This part of the country is a fertile lowland that hosts the Maritsa River and its tributaries, the Tundzha, the Stryama, the Topolnitsa, and the Vacha. The Rhodope Mountains are made up of three ranges: the Vitosha Mountains, the Rila Mountains, and the Pirin Mountains. Within the Rila Mountains is Mount Musala, which stands at 2,925 (9,596 ft), making it the highest peak in the Balkans.


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