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Best Time to Visit Morocco

When it comes to weather, the best times to visit are spring and fall when it is warm, dry and pleasant. Note, that spring comes late by European standards (around April and May. The summer is scorching hot and the winter is cold, especially at night. There is very little rain in Morocco and when it does rain, it is in the winter.

In the interior, the temperatures are more extreme. The further you go from the coast, the more extreme the summer and winter weather becomes. The High Atlas Mountains can be visited year-round, although it does get cold in winter. Summer on the coast can be pleasant with long sunny days cooled by the ocean breezes but it is the busiest time for beach vacations.

Average Temperatures.







Casablanca 17 C/63 F 20 C/68 F 23 C/73 F 26 C/79 F 23 C/73 F
Fez 16 C/61 F 21 C/70 F 29 C/84 F 34 C/93 F 25 C/77 F
Marrakesh 19 C/66 F 27 C/81 F 35 C/35 F 38 C/100 F 29 C/84 F
Atlas Mountains 19 C/66 F 25 C/77 F 33 C/91 F 37 C/99 F 28 C/82 F


NOTE – All quoted temperatures are daytime average highs unless otherwise stated and can vary.

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