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Bhutan Food and Drink

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Rice is the main staple of the Bhutanese diet with urban areas like Thimpu, Paro and Phuntsholing using white rice, and rural populations tending to use red rice. Another important aspect of Bhutanese cuisine is the use of chili with it is incorporated in the majority of dishes - the hotter the better.


Some traditional meals that are still enjoyed today:

Ema-Datsi: this literally means a combination of yak or mare milk cheese with very hot peppers.

Kewa-Datsi: a combination of potatoes, cheese and chili.

Shamu-Datsi: a combination of mushrooms, cheese and chili.

Cheese Momos: these are small, steamed buns with cheese, potatoes, onions and buckwheat cakes.

Desi: a sweet dish of white rice, butter, sugar, golden raisins and saffron.

Zow: a dish of fried rice mixed with sugar, butter and sometimes oilseeds.

Meat dishes tend to include pork, beef, fish, poultry, goat or yak. Interestingly, when cooking yak, no part of the animal goes to waste. Milk is dried and made into cheese and even the skin is fried as a snack to accompany drinks.



Tea is a favourite drink of Bhutanese people, however, they tend to drink butter tea (suja) over sweetened milky tea.



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