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Best Time to Visit India

India’s weather is extremely varied depending on which part of the country you are heading for. The most influential feature of India’s climate is the wet season or monsoon. This starts in the

Southwest at the end of May and d works its way across the country over the next month and a half. While it lasts, regular and prolonged downpours are interspersed with bursts of hot sunshine, and the humidity can be intense. By September, the monsoon has largely receded from the north, but it takes another couple of months before the clouds disappear altogether in the far south. By December, however, most of India enjoys clear skies and relatively cool temperatures. Temperatures peak in May and early June. This is when some locals retreat to the hill stations on higher ground.

The best time, therefore, is during the cool, dry season between October and March in the north and between January and March in the south. In the Himalayas, visits are possible year-round although cold at night in the winter.

The Rajasthan region is a tropical desert and temperatures within the state of Rajasthan are similar to nearby Delhi and Agra. Around Udaipur temperatures in summer can be a few degrees cooler.

Mumbai is a monsoonal destination and the best time to visit is from October to May when there is almost no rain. It is wet from June to September, especially in July and August when there are few days without at least some rain.

The south of India is the closest to the equator so temperatures are hot year-round. Two-thirds of the rain falls from June to August, with heavy rains prevalent throughout the day. The rest falls from September to December when torrential downpours in the afternoon leave the rest of the day warm and pleasant.


Average Temperatures.








Delhi 15 C/59 F 29 C/84 F 34 C/93 F 30 C/86 F 26 C/79 F
Mumbai 24 C/75 F 29 C/84 F 29 C/84 F 28 C/82 F 26 C/79 F
Jaipur/Agra 22 C/72 F 37 C/99 F 39 C/102 F 32 C/90 F 34 C/93 F
Kerala 32 C/90 F 33 C/91 F 30 C/86 F 30 C/860 F 30 C/86 F

NOTE – All quoted temperatures are daytime average highs unless otherwise stated and can vary.

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