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Singapore Nature and Wildlife

  • Long-tailed Macaques
  • Frog enjoying the water
  • The Crimson Sunbird is the National Bird of Singapore
  • Impressive views from an airplane over the city

There are approximately sixty different mammal species found in Singapore and the majority of them are quite small. There are a variety of bat and squirrel species. The most commonly spotted mammals in Singapore are the Long-tailed Macaque and the Plantain Squirrel while the largest terrestrial mammal is the wild pig. Wild pigs are common on offshore islands like Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong. Other than wild pigs, the largest mammals in Singapore are not found on land but rather, are found in the water. Bottle-nosed, Indo-pacific humpbacked and Irrawaddy dolphin populations are found along the coasts, as well as finless porpoises and dugongs.

There are approximately 365 bird species found throughout Singapore with more being discovered annually. Of these 365 species, 168 live in Singapore year-round, while a further 149 come during the winter or use Singapore as a stop when migrating. Much care has gone into bird conservation as 56 species face the threat of extinction while 12 are listed as globally threatened. The Crimson Sun Bird is the national bird of Singapore.

As well as birds and mammals, there are approximately 107 reptile species and 28 amphibian species found in Singapore. The majority of reptiles are quite small and are rarely seen. The most commonly seen reptiles are house geckos, while the largest is the Estuarine Crocodile and the Reticulated Python. Regarding amphibians, frogs, toads and caecilians are often found with the Asian Toad and Banded Bullfrog being the most commonly spotted.

Before the first trading posts were established in Singapore, the country was almost entirely covered in rainforests. Some scientists estimate that Singapore has lost more than 15% of its natural habitats in less than two hundred years. As a result of this deforestation, over one hundred bird species as well as many mammal species have gone extinct locally. With only approximately 0.25% of the land area of Singapore enjoying protected status, over half of the naturally occurring flora and fauna can only be found in nature reserves.

In order to preserve the nature and wildlife found in the country, the government of Singapore established the Singapore Green Plan in 1992 which was reviewed and renewed in 2006. The goal of the plan was to monitor the unstable plant and animal populations as well as to establish new reserves and create a National Biodiversity Centre. The Singapore Green Plan 2012 focuses on three different challenges: Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Land. The Clean Air objective plans to take advantage of Singapore’s location near the Equator to utilize more solar energy. The Clean Water objective works to supply water to all homes and industries while the Clean Land objective focuses on recycling efforts with the ultimate goal of no waste going to landfills in fifty years' time.



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