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Tahiti Travel Information Introduction

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The islands of Tahiti, officially known as French Polynesia, are a gorgeous selection of volcanic islands and atolls spread across 4 million square kilometres (1.5 million square miles) of the grand South Pacific Ocean.

is the largest of the 118 enchanting islets of French Polynesia. Crowned by Polynesia’s two highest peaks, surrounded by spectacular coral reefs and black sand beaches, Tahiti is often referred to as the “island of love." 

Papeete, the lively capital of Tahiti offers an array of sidewalk cafes and an amazing selection of stores and boutiques filled with local handicrafts, shell jewellery, and the latest French fashions. Le truck, colourful open-air buses, give you easy access to downtown and are a great way to meet the locals. Away from the capital, this turtle-shaped island has a variety of landscapes and vistas to enjoy. It is an island of gracious people who have made the joy of living art.

, which has often been linked to James Michener’s mythical and idealized island of Bali Hai, is only 17 km (12 miles) from the main island of Tahiti. Here, the volcanic peaks soar magically out of the ocean in an explosion of green velvet and reflect in the tranquil waters of Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay.  

A wide, shallow lagoon surrounds the island’s mountains where poetic threads of waterfalls tumble down the cliffs. Pastel-painted houses surrounded by gardens of hibiscus and birds of paradise circle the island in a fantasy of happy, yet simple villages. It is a relaxed existence that prevails and there is real ambiance here. From the warmth of the air scented heavily with tropical flowers which blanket the valleys to the fiery romantic sunsets that signal the end of another fabulous Tahitian day.

Bora Bora is one of nature’s most inspired creations with a lagoon resembling an artist’s palette of blues and greens. Dominated by two magnificent peaks, Pahia and Otemanu, it has an impressive backdrop of a majestic multi-coloured lagoon which many consider the most beautiful in the world. Seen from the air, Bora Bora has been compared to that of a tiny emerald in a setting of turquoise, encircled by a sheltering necklace of sparkling pearls. Life is casual and relaxed in this place of dramatic beauty, warm waters, and a gentle climate. For many travellers, the colorful and majestic setting of Bora Bora offers unlimited possibilities.

Honeymooners and romantics from around the world have laid claim to Bora Bora. From the extraordinary scenery to the privacy and amenities of the overwater bungalows, it is unquestionably the most romantic of the Pacific Islands.

Visitors to Tahiti that are looking for something a little way off the beaten path will love these hidden paradise Islands. Huahine, with lush forests, inviting villages, and crystal clear lagoons offer a taste of old Polynesia. Raiatea, meaning “faraway heaven” and “sky with soft light” is the most sacred island in the South Pacific. Rangiroa, a string of coral atolls encircling a luminous turquoise and jade-green lagoon, is one of the world’s greatest dive destinations, while Tikehau offers picture-perfect white and pink-sand beaches. With the rich aroma of vanilla lingering in the air, Taha’a offers a glimpse of the traditional, tranquil Tahitian life.



Tahiti Travel Information

At Goway we believe that a well-informed traveller is a safer traveller. With this in mind, we have compiled an easy-to-navigate travel information section dedicated to Tahiti. 

Learn about the history and culture of Tahiti, the must-try food and drink, and what to pack in your suitcase. Read about Tahiti's nature and wildlife, weather and geography, and 'Country Quickfacts' compiled by our travel experts. Our globetrotting tips, as well as our visa and health information, will help ensure you're properly prepared for a safe and enjoyable trip. The only way you could possibly learn more is by embarking on your journey and discovering Tahiti for yourself. Start exploring...book one of our Tahiti vacations today! 


Extend Your Stay

Consider an additional stopover after or before your Tahiti vacation at one of Goway's other South Pacific destinations. You can choose from our selection of Australian vacationsNew Zealand vacation packages, one of our Fiji resorts or perhaps take a Cook Island vacation.



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With a wide choice of Tahiti vacations and experiences, Goway’s Downunder wizards can offer you many ways to explore and enjoy the Islands of Tahiti. Relax with a romantic tropical island stay, enjoy a luxury cruise through turquoise blue waters, escape on an air-land getaway, and more. We want to be your first choice when next you go globetrotting to Tahiti.

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