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Iceland History

  • Wild Horses Standing in a Field with Mountains on the Horizon
  • Old Whale Village of Nyksund
  • Golden Runes Carved on Icelandic Pebbles
  • Icelandic Sunset at Kirkjufell

The first known inhabitants of Iceland were Irish monks and hermits who came to the island in the 8th century. Norse seafarers followed the Irish later in the 9th century, establishing permanent settlements for the first time, making Iceland the last European country to be settled.

Historians have come to accept 874 AD as the year of the first official settlement on the island and the Icelandic Age of Settlement would continue until 930. Íslendingabók and Landnámabók, two early historical manuscripts, list Ingólfur Arnarson, a chieftain from Norway, as the country’s first settler. Establishing homes along the coast, early settlers were farmers who made living by breeding cattle and fishing. Arnarson’s farm was built in what is now present-day Reykjavík.  Iceland’s Althing (parliament) was established in 930 AD, making it one of the oldest parliaments in the world. 

Around the year 1,000, Icelandic Norsemen became the first Europeans to reach North America. Approximately nine years later, these explorers tried to create a major settlement known as L’Anse aux Meadows in what is now Newfoundland. While large-scale habitation was not successful in the New World, immigration in later centuries ensured that Canada maintains the largest concentration of people of Icelandic ancestry outside of Iceland. 

The 13th century witnessed internal feuds in the country that led to a civil war from 1262-64. As a result of this conflict, Iceland came under the control of the King of Norway in 1271. With the joining of Norway and Denmark through the Kalmar Union in 1397, Iceland answered the King of Denmark.

Beginning in the middle of the 16th century, the Danish king brought the Reformation of the Church to Iceland. Christianity had existed in the country since around 1,000 AD, however, the Danish king took control of the church and a great deal of its wealth. An absolute monarchy was established and the Danes controlled trade. While this was naturally beneficial for the Danish population, the Icelandic people were not as fortunate and power moved from the Althing to Copenhagen. 

The Icelandic parliament was not reinstated until 1843 and the Danish trade monopoly was abolished in 1854. A constitution was granted from Denmark in 1874, and slowly, Icelanders began to reclaim control of their country. By 1904, home rule was achieved and sovereignty came in 1918. All ties with Denmark were eventually severed in 1944 when Iceland was declared a republic.

Following the Second World War, Iceland grew quickly, in part due to successful fishing ventures. However, fishing also brought about the Cod Wars in the 1950s and 1970s with the United Kingdom competing for fishing rights in the North Atlantic. By the 1990s, Iceland was one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Unfortunately, like many other nations, Iceland was not able to escape the worldwide economic crisis of 2008, when the country’s entire banking system failed. Iceland is continuing to recover and has become a unique tourist destination.  With breathtaking scenery, vibrant and rich culture, and a history full of myths, legends, and traditions, Iceland is an exciting destination waiting to be discovered.



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