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The cuisine of Malta is a combination of indigenous recipes and influences from the many foreign conquerers that have resided on the islands throughout the history of the country.  Dishes in Malta are the definition of simple excellence and rely heavily on seasonal produce and fish caught on the coasts. Due to its ties to Sicily, pasta is a favourite staple with many people preferring to make their own pasta.


Popular dishes include:

Fenek: This is rabbit meat and is a favourite amongst the Maltese population. It is prepared and cooked in many ways, however popular fenek dishes are rabbit stew with wine and herbs, roast rabbit, fried rabbit or in a pasta sauce.

Pastizzi: This is a small boat-shaped snack made of ricotta cheese and egg wrapped in a thin pastry. Pastizzi can be filled with peas or there is a larger version with meat or anchovies.  These pastries are found throughout the country, being sold by street vendors and bars and restaurants alike.

Aljotta: This is a fish soup usually made with rockfish. It consists of fish stock with garlic, tomatoes, fresh marjoram and rice.  

Bragioli: Slices of beef or veal are stuffed with cheese, ham and herbs and are then cooked either on the stove or in the oven.

Torta Tai-Lampuki: Lampuki is a popular fish in Malta (only found between September and November) and this dish is a fish pie with additional fillings of vegetables, walnuts, olives and raisins.

Soppa Tal-Armala: The name of this soup literally translates to ‘widow’s soup’ due to its simple, basic ingredients that include tomatoes and other vegetables that are combined with ricotta cheese or gbejniet (a small round cheese made from goat or sheep milk, salt and rennet).



Cisk is the national beer of Malta and is very popular. Other favourite brands include Hopleaf Pale and Blue Label Ale. Kinnie is Malta’s own soft drink. It is slightly bitter and fizzy and tastes like oranges and herbs.  


Things to know:

If a service charge has not already been added to a bill, then 10-15% is standard.

Drinking age:



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