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Macau FAQs

  • Skyline of Macau

What language is spoken in Macau?

The official languages of Macau are Chinese and Portuguese. Cantonese is the main dialect of Chinese spoken throughout the country.

Is English spoken throughout Macau?

English is not widely spoken in Macau, but with the increased number of international travellers, English is becoming a more popular language. 

What currency is used in Macau?

Macau’s currency is the pataca (MOP$). Credit cards are widely accepted at hotels, larger restaurants and casinos. Most ATMs allow you to choose between patacas and Hong Kong dollars. 

Do I need a Visa to travel to Macau?

A tourist visa is not required for stays of fewer than 30 days for both Canadian and American travel to Macau.

Is WiFi readily available?

Internet access is available in most tourist areas of Macau. 

Can I use my cell phone in Macau?

It is possible to purchase a SIM card on arrival. But, we suggest you check with your cellular provider to know what your options are. You might be able to get an affordable roaming plan.   

Is it safe to drink tap water?

It is strongly advised NOT to drink tap water in Macau. It’s best to stick to boiled, treated or bottled water. 

What are the public bathroom facilities like?

Western-style flushing toilets are common in casinos, hotels and nice restaurants. Squat toilets are common throughout. Some public bathrooms will not provide toilet paper or soap, so we recommend you bring your own tissues and hand sanitizer. 

When is the best time to travel to Macau?

The best time to visit Macau is from October to December when the weather is warm and sunny. The weather from January to March is cold but sunny. It starts to get humid in April. From May to September, the climate becomes hot, humid, and rainy with occasional typhoons.

Is there transportation within Macau? 

Macau has buses which run throughout the city from 7 am to midnight. The casino shuttle is very convenient between the hotel and Casino and round area. Taxis and sightseeing vehicles are also prominent in the country. 

Is Macau a family friendly destination?

Macau is a very safe city and has lots of activities that all ages can enjoy. Whether it be light and water shows at casinos, ascending the Macau Tower, DreamWorks parades or watching giant pandas play, there is something for everyone in Macau! Casino has indoor playgrounds and kid-approved food courts and there are also a handful of museums of interest to children, notably the Macau Science Centre. We can create a custom itinerary based on your family's interests.

How welcoming is Macau to LGBTQ travellers and families?

In Macau, same-sex culture is not particularly visible. LGBTQ travellers are unlikely to cause an issue with local people but should still be discrete. 

What are the main annual festivals or events held?

Lunar New Year - January or February (the first of the 24 solar terms and falls between January 21st and February 20th)

Dragon Boat Festival - June

Macao Light Festival - September to October

Macao International Music Festival - October / November



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