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Fiji Nature and Wildlife

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From rainforests to tropical flowers, from mangroves to coral reefs, Fiji is home to stunning nature. With over 100 unique flora species, the people, along with the government have established many conservation areas to protect their beautiful landscapes.

The trade winds that come from the east carry rain across the eastern side of the islands which accounts for the lush rainforests found there. The many beaches are covered in different species of pine trees including the fishtail, fantail, the umbrella and the coconut palm. Also found at the beach are interesting flowers known as Beach Morning Glory - colourful trumpet-shaped flowers that grow in seaweed.

Mangroves are an essential part of Fiji’s flora. These flooded forests with deep roots help to strengthen the islands’ coastlines against a warming ocean. They also help to protect reefs by preventing the force from high ocean waves as well as harmful algae from reaching the reefs.

Places like Kula Eco Park located in the town of Sigatoka have been set up to educate the public about conservation. Rainforest and bushwalks are readily available here with a specific focus on programs for the environmental education of children. The people at Kula Eco Park not only strive to protect plant species, but they also work very hard to breed many endemic animals in an attempt to prevent them from becoming endangered.

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant located in Nadi is an exquisite garden and popular tourist attraction. It was founded in 1977 by late actor Raymond Burr as an homage to his love of orchids. There are over 2,000 types of orchids found here, with some being native to Fiji. Jungle walks are available as is the option to view Burr’s holiday shack. The beauty located in the Garden of the Sleeping Giant should not be missed.

Finally, the Orchid Island Cultural Centre is perfect not only to discover the natural flora of Fiji, but it is also an opportunity to explore and better understand the culture of this island nation. Special demonstrations and historical reproductions feature the lives of ancient Fijians and their appreciation for the land around them.

Fiji is a birdwatcher's dream with over 100 different species found there. The rainforests along the Coral Coast and Pacific Harbour on the mainland are ideal spots to find Mush parrots, fantails and honeyeaters. The endangered silk tail is found in the southeastern region of Vanua Levu and many smaller islands including Namenalala, Qamea, Matangi and Bird Island have been set up as sanctuaries.

There are also 30 reptile species in Fiji with 12 of them being endemic to the islands. Some examples of reptiles in Fiji are the crested iguana, the banded iguana, tree frogs and cane toads and many different types of geckos. Some islands in Fiji are home to the Pacific Boa Constrictor - a snake that is considered to be a god in native mythology.

The underwater fauna in Fiji is quite diverse with the warm waters housing dolphins, rays and reef sharks. Sea snakes, colourful anemones and a variety of exotic fish species are located in the coral reefs around Fiji. Turtles are common and many hotels have started conservation projects to help those turtle species that lay eggs on the shore.



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