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Best Time to Visit Brazil

Brazil can be divided up into distinct climatic regions but it is an an-all-year round destination as none of the regions have severe weather extremes. Overall, the warmest months are November to March. For Rio and its beaches, the best time to visit is between August and October when spring arrives. Rio experiences tropical showers between October and January. Tropical showers in Salvador, Recife and Fortaleza will be experienced from April to July but usually only in afternoon showers. These places are never cold. The Pantanal is driest between April and October but the wetter months, between January and March, provide better opportunities to view wildlife. The only part of Brazil that gets cold is in places such as Ouro Preto, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre. The Amazon region does have a dry season which is from July to October. The carnival in Rio is a very busy time and, depending on when Lent begins, it falls in February or March.

Average Temperatures.







Rio de Janeiro 30 C/86 F 28 C/82 F 25 C/77 F 26 C/79 F 26 C/79 F
Salvador 30 C/86 F 30 C/86 F 28 C/82 F 27 C/79 F 28 C/82 F
Iguassu Falls 31 C/88 F 29 C/84 F 23 C/73 F 26 C/79 F 30 C/86 F
Recife 32 C/90 F 32 C/90 F 30 C/86 F 30 C/86 F 31 C/88 F
Manaus 30 C/86 F 30 C/86 F 30 C/86 F 32 C/90 F 33 C/91 F

NOTE – All quoted temperatures are daytime average highs unless otherwise stated and can vary.

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