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Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Food and Drink

  • Ecuadorian ceviche of shrimp
  • Cocoa fruits in a street market
  • Ecuadorian fanesca soup
  • Cuy con papas
  • Pan de queso or cheese bread


While known as an excellent source of fresh tropical fruit and countless varieties of Andean potatoes, the cuisine of Ecuador depends on the region. In the highlands, food tends to be more hearty, often including meat, vegetables and stews. Ecuador’s coast naturally provides excellent seafood and is known for its use of spice as well as for using coconut milk when cooking various dishes. Finally, in the Oriente, which is a region of eastern Ecuador that includes the Ecuadorian Andes, food is much simpler than in other parts of the country. One thing that is common throughout the country is the use of ají or hot sauce. It is found in almost every restaurant and house, but it is important to remember that recipes vary and some can be extremely hot.


Popular dishes include:

Cuy: An Ecuadorian delicacy, cuy is roast guinea pig and cuy served with potatoes is common street food. The guinea pig is put on a skewer and served whole.

Soups: Ecuador is home to many different kinds of soups which are often served as the first course of many lunches and dinners. Chupe de pescado is a fish and vegetable soup that originated on the coast while Locro is made from a unique combination of cheese, avocado and potatoes. Caldo de pata is a delicacy in Ecuador where the main ingredient is chunks of boiled cow hooves.

Ceviche: A favourite on the coast, ceviche is cold raw fish, conch and/or shrimp that has been marinated in lime juice and seasoned. 

Bollos de pescado: Another popular dish from the coast, bollos de pescado consists of fish and peanuts that are wrapped in banana leaves.

Llapingachos: Found throughout the mountainous region, this dish consists of potato cakes that are fried with cheese.



Ecuador is home to some of the best beer in South America and the most popular brand is Pilsener, however, there are also microbreweries in Quito. Canelazo is a fiesta drink that is common in the Andean region. Similar to a hot toddy, canelazo consists of boiled water, sugar cane alcohol, lemon, sugar and cinnamon. Aguardiente or firewater should only be sampled by the brave as it is a strong spirit made from fermented sugarcane. Due to the wealth of tropical fruits available in Ecuador, fresh fruit juices are common. Tap water should be avoided in Ecuador, and when ordering drinks, it’s best to ask for “sin hielo” or without ice.


Things to know:

A 10% service charge is usually added to bills in restaurants, and anything above that is at the patron’s discretion.


Drinking age:




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