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Best Time to Visit England

There is absolutely no doubt that the weather in England is unpredictable. This is because, as an Island nation, it is influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the seas that surround it. What is not a fact is that it rains all the time. The weather can be gorgeous. The weather never has extremes and is always temperate. The most attractive time scenically is the spring (late March to early June) and the fall (September to October). They are usually warm and dry with blossoms in the spring and colours in the fall. The summer (late June to the end of August) is a hectic period especially in London when thousands of visitors head there. This is when you should either reserve ahead for museums, exhibitions, theatres etc. or line up for long periods of time. The winter can be on the cold side but it has been known for daffodils to begin to appear as early as late February. Snow can be expected on high ground in places such as Dartmoor, Exmoor, the Yorkshire Moors etc. Regionally, the weather can be very different at any time of the year. The western parts tend to experience more rain than the eastern parts. The further north you travel, the longer the days in summer and the shorter in winter. Due to its geographical location, England has shorter days in the winter and longer days in the summer than North America.


Average Temperatures.

Jan                  Apr                Jun                 Aug              Oct


6 C/43 F       13/55 F        20 C/68 F      21 C/70 F    14 C/57 F


6 C/43 F       12/54 F        18 C/64 F      20 C/68 F    14 C/57 F

Devon Coast

8 C/46 F       12/54 F        18 C/64 F      20 C/68 F    15 C/59 F

NOTE – All quoted temperatures are daytime average highs unless otherwise stated and can vary.



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