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Australia Car Rentals

  • Self Drives in Australia
  • Lookout in Port Douglas
  • Grand Pacific Drive between Sydney and Woollongong

Here we have made travel around Australia easy. If you are on holiday, visiting friends or relatives, or on business, you can get about whenever and wherever you like with a vehicle arranged by Goway. For the following program, we have negotiated, for you, special rates with Hertz Australia.

Goway's car rentals combine well with our accommodation and hotel passes and let you free-wheel it around the highways and backroads Downunder.

We also offer the largest selection of Self Drive itineraries in Australia.

Drive Downunder with Goway!

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To view more information on rental inclusions, exclusions and extras please see here. Hertz reserves the right to amend this information at any time.

For Maui Rentals Terms and Conditions please see here for the latest Rental Agreement. Maui reserves the right to amend this agreement at any time

Your choice of Goway vehicles:

Toyota Yaris or similar
Toyota Corolla Sedan or similar
Toyota Aurion Sedan or similar
Ford Territory or similar
Premium or similar
Large 4WD or similar
Standard or similar
Luxury Van or similar
Medium AWD or similar

Car rental terms and conditions:


Unlimited Kilometres, Damage Cover (DC) subject to excess, Vehicle Registration Fees (VRR), Admin Fee Recovery (AFR), 24Hr Roadside Assistance, Goods & Service Tax (GST)


If not included in chosen rate, Accident Excess Reduction (AER), Max Cover (MAX), Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) Excess, Optional Renter Protection Services, Insurance Options, Location Service Charge, Fuel, One Way Fees, Optional Extras (baby seats etc). All extras are subject to Government Stamp Duty and GST at a rate of 10%.


Renters must present a valid driver's licence that has been held for at least one year. A foreign driver's licence issued in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified English translation of the licence or a current International driver's Permit. Both the International Drivers Permit and the driver's national driver's licence must be presented at the time of rental. The minimum age to rent is 21 years. Surcharge applies for drivers 21-24 years. There is no set maximum driving age, however, a medical certificate is recommended for drivers over 75.


All rentals are subject to a deposit to cover additional costs such as Optional Renter Protection Services and fuel. Hertz accepts all major credit cards, and a 1.5% service charge will be applied to all credit card transactions (Hertz Charge Cards are not accepted). The credit card presented must be in the name of the authorized renter. If the authorized renter does not hold a card acceptable to Hertz, please see below:


Authorized renters with no credit card will be required to leave a minimum deposit of A$400 cash plus additional items. Cash rentals are only accepted on weekdays between 0900‐1700 hrs, excluding holidays. Outside these hrs, the renter must pre cash qualify at a Hertz location during normal business hours. Not accepted on all cars or at Kangaroo Island or the Whitsundays, Penrith or Arncliffe. In Kununurra, cash deposits must include single vehicle & damage excess.”.


Hertz Australia rates include Damage Cover, for the Hertz vehicle and/or Third Party Property. However an Accident Damages Excess (ADE) applies per incident regardless of fault. This is the amount the renter contributes towards the loss of or damage caused to, the Hertz vehicle and/or Third Party Property. The hirer will be responsible for the following damage excess should your vehicle be involved in an accident.

Cars: AUD$3500 - $4400 for accident damage excess. An additional AUD$2200 - $4400 applies for single-vehicle accident damage excess if you rent in remote locations.

Four-Wheel Drives: AUD$4400 for accident damage excess plus AUD$4400 for single vehicle accident damage excess.

ADE can be reduced with the purchase of Optional Renter Protection Services, see below

AER (Accident Excess Reduction):

  • Reduces Accident Damages Excess (ADE)
  • Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) is applicable at remote locations and is not reduced by AER.

Cars: Purchase Accident Excess Reduction at AUD$27 per day and this will reduce the accident damage excess to AUD$1100 plus $2200 for single vehicle accident damages.

Four-Wheel Drives:
Purchase Accident Excess Reduction at AUD$53 per day and this will reduce the accident damage excess to $1100 plus $1100 - $4400 for single vehicle accident damages

For all insurance options, different conditions apply for Broome, Kununurra, Arncliffe, Klemzig & Pympton rentals.

MAX cover:

  • Available on Inclusive Tour Rates or paid locally at counter
  • Reduces the ADE and SVA to Zero

Cars: Purchase MAX cover at AUD$37 per day and this will reduce the accident damage excess to zero.

Four-Wheel Drives:
Purchase Accident Excess Reduction at AUD$63 per day and this will reduce the accident damage excess to zero

For all insurance options, different conditions and amounts apply for Broome, Kununurra, Arncliffe, Klemzig & Pympton rentals.


For an additional fee, you may book a one-way rental as Hertz has depots throughout Australia. All one-way fees are collected by Hertz at the time of rental and can not be prepaid. Location fees may also apply and all one-way rentals are subject to standard one-way rental conditions applicable at the time of rental. Not all car groups are permitted for one-way rentals. The minimum one-way rental period is generally three days within a metro region (except Perth) and seven days for rentals across regions but different conditions may apply. Please ask your Goway consultant for further details.


Neverlost is the Hertz Portable Satellite Navigation System. It is available at participating locations at a cost of AUD $15.40 per day. Goway can offer rates incorporating Neverlost. The cost of Neverlost is capped at 10 days every 30-day rental period. The renter is liable for all damage and/or loss of these units. Purchase of AER/MAX does not cover the renter for damage and/or loss to the Neverlost units. Please ask your Goway consultant for further details.

The above information does not represent complete terms and conditions. Additional information and exclusions apply. Complete terms and conditions are available on request and information can change without notice.

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