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Myanmar Country Quickfacts

  • Buddhist monk walking around the sacred Shwezigon Paya
  • Young girl wearing thanaka for protection from the sun
  • Kalaw
  • Relaxing near a rice field
  • Offering food to monks early in the morning
Area:  676,578 km2
Capital: Naypyidaw
Country Code: 95
Country Population: 51,419,420
Credit Cards:

Visitors to Myanmar are recommended to use the local currency, Myanmar Kyat (MMK), for all purchases, in some places US$ will be accepted but must be clean crisp notes with no tears.

Visitors can exchange their foreign currency at official currency exchange centers, which are located at airports and locations around the city center. In addition to exchange centers, visitors can also obtain Myanmar Kyat at ATM machines which are becoming more common in Myanmar. As well, more and more businesses are also starting to take Visa and MasterCard.

Currency: Kyat (pronounced CHAT)
Departure Tax: A tax of $10USD is collected for international departures.
Drives on the: Right
Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50 Hz
Ethnic Groups:  68% Bamar
9% Shan
7% Karen
4% Rakhine
3% Chinese
2% Indian
2% Mon
5% other
Flag: Myanmar Flag
Location:  South-East Asia (formerly Burma).
Official Language(s): Myanmar plus local dialects. English is widely spoken.
Religion: 87% Buddhist, 5% Christian, 4% Muslim.
Time Zone: 10.5 hours ahead of Toronto/New York and 13.5 hours ahead of Vancouver/Los Angeles.
Tipping: Tipping is at your own discretion and we recommend the following: (all rates quoted in US$)

  • Guide: $5 per person per day (group) and $10 per person
    per day (FIT)
  • Driver: $3 per person per day (group) and $5 per person
    per day (FIT)
  • Hotel Porterage: $1 per bag
  • Restaurant staff: Service charge is normally included. $5-10
    per table at top end restaurants and $2-3 per table at
    local restaurants is appreciated
  • Boat drivers (Inle Lake & Bagan): $1 per person
  • Horse Cart driver: $1 per person
  • River Cruises (Road to Mandalay): $10 per person per day
    for the whole crew
  • River Cruises (others): $5 per person per day for the
    whole crew
  • Balloons Over Bagan: $5 per person per day for the
    whole crew



  • There are no families or surnames in Burma
  • The giving of a name depends on the day of the week a child was born. The name must include one or more of the birth day’s consonants. There is one group for each day of the            week (which incidentally has 8 days, Wednesday is divided into two days for                          astrological purposes)
  • Around Pagodas, there are shrines for each of the 8 days and it is auspicious to worship at one relevant shrine
  • The Burmese lunar calendar has exactly 28 days in each month
  • Festivals take place according to the position of the moon – usually the full moon day
  • The Burmese celebrate at least one festival a month
  • Pagodas (stupas) or Temples were conceived as visual monuments to Buddha. Generally, they don’t have an interior. They are cosmic symbols, their presence benefits mankind and their construction will benefit a donor’s rebirth (merits) … to eventual enlightenment. This is why        Burma’s landscape is littered with millions of them
  • Burmese people put great faith in nats (spirits)
  • Every house (note every) has a family shrine to the Lord Buddha and household nats



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