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Myanmar Food and Drink

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The cuisine of Myanmar is a mixture of Chinese, Indian and traditional Mon influences and the population loves their food to be hot and spicy. Therefore dishes are usually cooked with a lot of chilli, garlic and ginger. Traditional meals are curry-based and are made with chicken, seafood or mutton. There are many Chinese and Indian restaurants throughout the country while Western food can be found in most hotels with some independent restaurants opening. There are no fast-food chains in Myanmar.


Traditional dishes include:

Lethok son: this is a very spicy salad made of rice and vegetables.

Mohinga: this is a fish coup curry made with thin noodles. Mohinga is the unofficial national dish of Myanmar.

Ohnokaukswe: this is a dish made of rice noodles, chicken and coconut milk. It is slightly sweet and creamy.

Mee swan: noodles are served in a thick broth served with herbs and meat.

Palata: this thin bread is fried and served with sugar for breakfast and with curried meat for lunch and dinner.

Nan gyi thohk: this is a thick rice noodle salad made with chickpea flour, chicken, fish cakes, onions, coriander, spring onions and crushed dry chilli and is dressed in fried, crispy onion oil, fish sauce and lime.



Coffee can be hard to find in Myanmar, but tea is quite popular. Tea is often served with many spices. Most bars and restaurants offer locally brewed beer and some spirits. Toddy is a traditional Myanmar drink that is made from fermented palm sugar and tastes like rum. It is best to drink bottled water while in Myanmar - it is easily found and is very cheap to buy.


Things to know:

When tipping in Myanmar, adding 5-10% onto the bill is acceptable.

Drinking age:




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