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The Downunder Dictionary - the Guide to the Most Common Words & Phrases in Australian Strine (G to N)

  • G'Day - a term you will hear virtually ever day on all Australia tours.
Term /Expression:Meaning:
G'bye Farewell (the last thing you'll want to say)
G'day Hello, welcome
Gaggle Group
Galah Silly person, also a noisy parrot
Garbo Someone who collects garbage
Give someone a ring, to To make a telephone call
Good oil, the Something genuine; the truth.
Goose A silly confused overly meticulous person
Grazier Large scale sheep or cattle farmer
Grouse Very good
Gurgler Toilet
Hammer and tong Full speed; full force
Hit the frog and toad, to To get going
Hit the toe Get going
Ice Block Popsicle (also called an "icy pole")
Jackaroo Young male ranch hand (Jillaroo is the female)
Jaffle Toasted sandwich
Jellyknees A weak person; a coward; a procrastinator
Jumbuck Sheep
Jumper Sweater
Jungle drums Gossip
Kick a goal, to To be successful; to get ahead
Kick into a stiff breeze, to To be unsuccessful
Lamington Squares of sponge cake covered in chocolate icing and coconut sprinkles
Lino Linoleum
Lollies Candies
Mail, the News
Mate A friend
Merino Breed of sheep
Mexican New South Wales people call those from Victoria (due to their lower geographical location)
Milk bar Corner store
Mozzies Mosquitoes
Mug A fool; to imitate
Mustering Roundup of sheep or cattle
Nipper Child
No worries No problem, not a problem
Nuddie, in the In the nude



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