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The Downunder Dictionary - the Guide to the Most Common Words & Phrases in Australian Strine (T to Y)

  • Tucker an Aboriginal word means food and something that should be experienced on all Australia tours.
Term /Expression:Meaning:
Ta Thank you
Ta-Ta Goodbye
Tassie Tasmanian
Taswegian Resident of Tasmania
Taxi Rank Taxi stand
Thongs Flip flops or sandles
Tinnie Can of beer
Togs Swimming costume (Queensland)
Trouble and strife Wife
True Blue Genuine Australian item/person
Tube Can of beer (also tinny)
Tucker Food (Aboriginal word)
Two-up An extremely popular though illegal gambling game involving the tossing of a coin
Uni University
Ute(utility) Pick-up truck (usually with a dog or two in the back)
Vegemite The diet of all Aussies (similar to Marmite)
Veggies Vegetables
Wag To skip school
Walkabout To go walkaround, disappear for awhile
Wet (the wet) Rainy season in Northern Australia
Whingeing Pom ("bloody whingeing pom"), the worst type of Pom, one who complains a lot
Witchetty grub Little white worms, traditionally eaten by Aboriginals as a delicacy
Woop-woop A remote place
Woosie Same as "big girl's blouse"
Yabbie Small freshwater crayfish
Yahoo Yobbo
Yakka Hard work (an Aboriginal word)
Youse (pronounced as "use") Refers to others when there is more than one ie. plural to you



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