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Mongolia Country Quickfacts

  • Trans Mongolian train
  • Mongolian wrestlers during Naadam Festival
  • Bactrian camels resting
  • Mongolian Monastery
Area:  1,564,115 km².
Capital: Ulaan Baatar
Country Code: 976
Government: Republic Parliamentary Democracy
Population: 3,000,000
Currency: CAD$1 = 900 Mongolian Tugriks (MNT) and US$1 = 1135 Mongolian Tugriks approximately.
Departure Tax: A tax of $12USD is required for international departures.
Drives on the: Right
Electricity: 230 volts Ac, 50Hz.
Ethnic Groups:  95.35% Mongols
3.86% Kazakhs
0.8% others
Flag Mongolia Flag
Location:  Mongolia is sandwiched between Russia to the north and China to the south.
Official Language(s): Khalkh Mongolian is the official language. Kazakh is spoken by 5 % of the population. There are also many Mongolian dialects.
Religion: Buddhist Lamaism.
Time Zone: 13 hours ahead of Toronto/New York and 16 hours ahead of Vancouver/Los Angeles.
Tipping: Tipping is common in Mongolia at restaurants; 5-10% of your service fee is recommended. Travellers should recognise that menu prices often are often subject to a 13% sales tax that will be added to the final bill. If on top of this, you wish to leave a generous tip, then the ‘international rate’ of 10% is a very reasonable starting place. As a guide, the following rates are what you may like to consider per person for good service: For tour guides and drivers, we suggest the following:

Driver: MNT 500 per person per day
Guide: MNT 1000 per person per day




  • Mongolia is known as the “Land of the Blue Sky” and experiences 260 sunny days a year
  • It is the world’s largest landlocked country
  • Its population of 3M is far lower than Singapore with 5.5M
  • The first dinosaur egg was found in Mongolia in 1912 proving how they multiplied
  • While they drive on the right in Mongolia, many vehicles are set up for the opposite
  • Many cars are second-hand imports from Japan
  • You will be amazed by the number of English language signs in Ulaan Baatar
  • Mongolia is a very safe country BUT beware of pickpockets, and never leave things sitting around unattended
  • Traditional nomadic families don’t wander aimlessly. They move their herds to new grazing lands based on the time of year rather than one of aimless wandering
  • Genghis Khan’s original name was Temujin. He was renamed to recognize his greatness “King of Everything”
  • In 1920 only 2% of the population was educated … now virtually everyone is
  • Mongolia has 20M horses (approximately 17M livestock and a 3-month growing season
  • Mongolia enjoyed a bloodless transition from Socialism to Democracy in 1989



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