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Mongolia Nature and Wildlife

  • Traditional yurts in the grasslands
  • Transporting goods across the steppe
  • Horses graze in open fields
  • Sunrise in the Mongolian desert
  • Gobi Desert at sunrise

There are approximately 136 mammal species found in Mongolia with 35 of them holding rare or endangered status. There are also 400 different birds and 76 different types of fish. The various mammals and birds are found in the many different habitats that Mongolia offers and many conservation projects have been established to aid in the preservation of these creatures.

The central and northern forest areas of Mongolia provide habitats for various species including wolves, wild boars, elk, roe deer and brown bears. The Mongolian Steppes house muskrat, fox and sable populations while the Altai Mountains in the west are home to the largest wild sheep in the world, the argali, as well as wild cats like the lynx and snow leopard and the Siberian Ibex. The Gobi Desert is inhabited by thousands of gazelles and the rarest animal in Mongolia - the Gobi Bear which numbers less than 50. Wild camels, one of the rarest and least studied species in the world also call the Gobi Desert home.

Bird life in Mongolia is very diverse and is also very protected. There are a total of 70 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) covering a total area of 7,906,577 ha or 5% of the natural land area of Mongolia. Birds that are endemic to the country include Kozlov’s Accentor, the Siberian Crane, the Hooded Crane, the Pied Harrier, the Great Bustard and the Black Stork. Bearded Vultures and other birds of prey are found in Mongolia while the Golden Eagle is particularly special to Mongolians and is celebrated annually in the Golden Eagle Festival.

Along with interesting wildlife, Mongolia is also home to equally interesting plant life. Mongolia fosters some of the world’s last large and unchanged ecosystems. The Mongolian Steppe is one of the largest continuous expanses of grassland found in the world. The reason for this is that for the most part, Mongolia has avoided large-scale conversions to agriculture which has been the demise of other grasslands around the world.

In order to protect the flora and fauna of Mongolia, ten National Parks have been established throughout the country. These protected areas work to conserve the many rare plants and animals that inhabit them as well as to educate the public, particularly those who still lead nomadic lifestyles how to herd their livestock sustainably. The Khustain National Park in Tov Province became part of the World Biosphere Network of Natural Reserves in 2002. It is one of the best-managed specially protected areas in Mongolia and is home to 459 vascular plants, 90 species of moss, 33 species of mushroom as well as 44 species of mammals (red deer, gazelle etc) and 217 birds.



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