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Canada Nature and Wildlife

  • Hopewell rocks at the Bay of Fundy

The unreal blues of glacier lakes, vast swaths of leafy forests, and epic mountain cirques are what draw visitors to Canada, a country exploding in natural beauty. Hundreds of thousands of miles of protected parklands stretch across the country dedicated to preserving Canada’s landscapes and wildlife, containing some of the world’s most spectacular scenes. 

It’s difficult to talk about nature in Canada without mentioning the Canadian Rockies, whose dramatic terrain has long attracted adventure seekers and animal lovers to sights like Lake Louise and Banff National Park. Jagged mountaintops continue in the Great North in places like Nahanni National Park and Kluane National Park, whose glacial peaks and breathtaking valleys command an otherworldly presence. This arctic latitude makes for the perfect location to view the Aurora Borealis, a unique northern experience that will make you believe in magic. The country’s landscapes bring forth the inherent power of the natural world, accumulating in the roar of the Niagara Falls and the soaring fjords of Gros Morne. 

Canada is bordered by the longest coastline in the world, measuring 243,042 km between the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific oceans. Ancient rainforested islands can be found along the West Coast in places like Haida Gwaii, which differ from the Maritime charms found on Eastern Canada’s massive islands with their rugged coasts. In the north, glaciers float between the Arctic Archipelago, home to Arctic mammals like caribou, foxes, and wolves. The surrounding waters are inhabited by seals, narwhals, whales, and polar bears, which can be famously seen in their natural habitats in Churchill.

Each of Canada’s coasts is home to a number of impressive aquatic mammals. Whale watching is particularly popular on the west coast between Vancouver Island and the British Columbian mainland, where you can glide across the water by zodiac or kayak in some of the world’s best orca sighting channels. Beneath the changing tides of the east coast’s Bay of Fundy lay some of the world’s rarest whales, notably the northern right whale, which was once considered one of the most endangered species swimming the seas. 

The country boasts a number of recognizable furry creatures, including the lovable beaver and stoic moose. Grizzly and black bears can be found throughout the country with a large concentration in the west. In the mountains, keep an eye out for the lynx and bobcat, moving with the grace of a dancer but striking with the power of a hunter. Puffins waddle across the cool shores of Eastern Canada, enjoying their status as the country’s iconic seabirds. 


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