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Canada Culture

  • Umbrella alley in Quebec City

Social Conventions

Canada’s diversity means that there are no single social norms, as each culture contributes to Canada’s cultural mosaic. British and American influences reign strong in Anglophone Canada, whereas French influences are concentrated in Quebec and New Brunswick. Canada’s Indigenous cultures carry rich traditions and unique ways of life which have endured painful histories under European colonization. Respect for Indigenous beliefs, cultures, and land rights should be honoured when in Canada. 



Canada is a bilingual country whose official languages are English and French. While smaller Francophone communities exist across Canada, Quebec is the country’s only predominantly French-speaking province, whereas the rest of the country is majority Anglophone. In addition to English and French, over 60 Indigenous languages and more than 140 immigrant languages can be heard from coast to coast. 



Christianity is Canada’s most popular religion, claiming almost 65% of the country’s beliefs. Yet, Canada is not an overtly religious country, with almost a quarter of the population claiming no faith associations. Aside from Christian and non-religious folks, the nation is also home to smaller followers of those who are Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and Buddhist.

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