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  • Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Our United States Vacations and Tours

Reaching from the Atlantic Ocean to the middle of the Pacific, the United States is a huge, diverse country you could spend your whole life exploring without ever seeing it all. As the backdrop for so many stories that have defined modern western culture, and the main stage for so many historic events, few countries can match the USA for sheer impact on our imaginations.

For Americans, it might feel like their own backyard. Yet as familiar as it is, the USA is also consistently surprising, especially if you dig a little deeper into what makes the country all it is today. From its astonishing natural beauty to a human history dating back millennia, to the contributions of immigrants from every spot on the globe, to the global cultural reach it enjoys today, the United States is an adventure you’ll never forget, whether it’s your first, second, or fiftieth time. 

Top Cities to Visit on a United States Trip

So much of what’s great about the USA lies beyond its cities, that it’s easy to forget how unique and compelling some of them are. Here are a few favorites you might want to base your trip around.

New York City

The Big Apple is a cultural powerhouse that never fails to surprise, overwhelm, enchant, and entice. From bright marquees on Broadway to back street discoveries in Brooklyn, one visit is never enough.

Los Angeles

The world’s sun-drenched pop-culture capital embodies both the Hollywood and California dream, along with world-class museums, hopping nightlife, inviting beaches, and diverse neighborhoods.

San Francisco

Long a haven for outcasts and innovators, San Francisco enchants with its unrivaled bayside beauty and ever-changing diversity. Hop the cable car to your next favorite discovery by the bay.


Legendary. Infamous. Chicago is too busy enjoying its fine architecture, art, theatre, and great food to care what anyone else thinks. After a few days in the Windy City, it’s hard not to come away with a smile.

New Orleans

Mardi Gras is a whole other world. But there’s never a bad time to fall in love with New Orleans’ French Quarter or the Garden District, or to discover its world-class restaurants and jazz bars.


The story of today’s USA begins in Boston. Follow the Freedom Trail for your US History 101, and admire one of America’s most beautiful cities, stopping for top-notch seafood en route.

Las Vegas

There’s nowhere on Earth like the Las Vegas Strip. Bask in the neon glow and excess of Sin City, then escape to the beautiful Nevada desert in between world-class shows or a spin at the tables. 

Best Things to Do in the United States

At the risk of repetition, we could list off 500 recommendations here and barely scratch the surface of the USA. But here are a few top United States journeys to take in your lifetime.

Road Trip!

Whether you’re following Route 101 up the California Coast to Big Sur, hitting Route 66 across the USA, getting misty-eyed on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or charting your own adventure on the road (maybe with a copy of Kerouac in your luggage), there’s no country on Earth like the USA for a road trip.

America’s Best National Parks

From Florida’s Everglades to the North Cascades, into remote parts of Alaska, nothing shows off the natural diversity of the USA like its national parks. Choose several in the same region to form a road trip through nature (ideal in the Southwest or California), or focus a multi-day trip on one of the big stars like Yellowstone, the Rockies, or the Great Smoky Mountains.

Native American History and Culture

Dating back an estimated 15,000 years, most of North America’s story belongs to its first peoples. There’s no better place way place to begin exploring it than at one of the visitor-friendly indigenous nations. The Navajo Nation in New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah is a great option, preserving ruins, pueblo dwellings, and artwork dating back millennia.

Follow the Beat to America’s Music Cities

Whether it’s country on Nashville’s Music Row, soul and blues on Memphis’ Beale Street, fresh jazz on Frenchman in New Orleans, or cutting-edge indie bands everywhere you turn in Austin, countless American stories have been told, and continue to be told, through the country’s music.

Mountains That Move You in Alaska and Hawaii

Separated from the rest of the country either by land or sea, two of America’s most spectacular states wait on the Pacific. Take a cruise along the Pacific shoreline to see the incredible wildlife and glacier-carved landscapes of Alaska, or see volcanoes in action in the islands of Hawaii.

When is the Best Time to Travel to the USA?

There’s no single ‘best’ time to visit the United States. The country is simply too diverse for that. Cultural offerings in big cities like New York make them great to visit year-round. California backs that up with year-round mild weather, while the Pacific Northwest shines in the drier months from May to October. The deserts and canyons of the Southwest are best seen during the spring and fall, though winter temperatures are mild, and any desert snow can bring a surreal beauty to your photos. Colorado and the Rockies are great destinations year-round, though winter is best left to the skiers and snowboarders. The Midwest gets both cold snowy winters and hot summers, making spring and fall your best bet, while the Northeast similarly gets all four seasons, albeit with milder extremes. The Southern states and Florida are great destinations any time other than summer. Just be ready for higher prices in the latter during winter, and try to avoid school holidays if you’re visiting Orlando without kids.

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