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The Philippines is an archipelago made up of 7,107 islands located between Taiwan and Borneo, approximately 800 km from the Asian mainland. The Philippines has one of the longest coastlines in the world, therefore it is not surprising that the majority of the 100,000,000 people found in the country live on or near the coast.

The islands of the Philippines are divided into three groups, the Luzon Island Group (made up of islands including Luzon Island, Palawan and Mindoro) is located in the north, The Visayan Island Group (made up of islands including Cebu and Bohol) is located in the central Philippines, while the Mindanao Island Group (made up of islands including Mindanao itself and the Sulu Archipelago) in the south. The islands are divided into eighty provinces which are in turn divided into seventeen regions.

Most of the islands used to be covered by tropical rainforests, however, illegal logging has unfortunately reduced forest cover to only 10% of the total land area of the country. Today, the landscapes of the islands are made up of typically narrow coastal plains and numerous streams. Every island in the Philippines has sandy beaches and is volcanic in origin as they are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire which means the islands are also mountainous. There are, on average, twenty registered earthquakes daily, however, most are too weak to be felt.

The main mountain range in northern Luzon is the Cordillera and Caraballos ranges and the Sierra Madre Range which is the largest mountain range in the Philippines. The highest peak in the Philippines is Mount Apo standing at 2,954m (9,691 ft) above sea level, located on Mindanao. The second highest point is Mount Pulos found on Luzon, which stands at 2,842m (9,324 ft) above sea level.



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