Beautiful landscape view of sunset and houses at Smogen
Village of Smogen, Bohuslan

Sweden Vacations

Home of Lapland, the warmest frozen tundra that glows with the midnight sun

Sweden is a place where the sun sparkles through snow blowing on a breeze in Lapland, reindeer stand still in the cold, and in the south, people clink glasses and contemplate life and community during an afternoon fika in Stockholm.

The country is bordered by Norway and Finland, and has maritime borders with Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Denmark – Sweden is connected to Denmark by an 8 kilometre long bridge-tunnel that also incorporates an artificial island. Sweden has a total of 25 provinces – the northernmost is Lapland that extends well into the Arctic Circle and of which parts are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sweden is ruled by a constitutional monarchy and has a population of 9 million people. The Church of Sweden (Lutheran derivative), Christian, and Roman Catholic are main religions.

The south part of the country is agricultural and the northern 65%, also known as Swedish Lapland, is heavily forested - where hiking, dog sledding, skating, and snowmobiling are all very popular. Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city located on the southwest coast. The port there is the largest port in the Nordic countries. The waterfront has many nautical attractions like ships, an aquarium, and museums.

The gorgeous capital, Stockholm which is spread over 14 islands that form the Stockholm archipelago, is home to the Old Town Stockholm (Gamla Stan). It’s one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centres in Europe. As a pedestrian town with narrow winding cobblestone streets, decorative spires tower above, while Gothic statues look down onto Stortorget Square – the city’s got great character and atmosphere. Plan a day to just walk around without much agenda, your soul will appreciate it.

Stockholm has a subway system with 100 stations, 90 of which have extensive art exhibits with sculptures, mosaics, paintings and engravings.

The Ice Hotel is rebuilt every year in Jukkasjarvi, in the province of Lapland. It was the first ice hotel in the world, opening in 1990. The hotel, including the chairs and beds are constructed from snow and ice blocks and are taken from a local river after it freezes each season. Artists were invited to create different rooms and decorations made from the ice, so each room is a unique work of art. There is also a bar with glasses made of ice and an ice chapel, popular with wedding ceremonies.

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Aerial panorama of the Haga Osccar Frederik Church
Kiruna cathedral Architecture at dusk
Beautiful aerial view of the Vastra Hamnen (The Western Harbour) district during sunset
Panoramic view of waterfront with moored ships in the Old Town (Gamla stan)
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Find your inner self in the snow, traveling by snowshoe or dog sled

Get yourself to Sweden in Scandinavia for a vacation partly above the Arctic Circle, and ready your heart rate to drop. Experience the joyful and colourful Midsummer festivals with the maypole with flowers, crowns, and bonfires. And prepare for further relaxation with politically and socially progressive attitudes where everyone is accepted. For a perfect day, relax in a sauna, then enjoy a traditional fika, a coffee and pasty time out in the day, and then cap off an adventurous day with a smorgasbord dinner with company, and beer, and vodka.

Stockholm old town (Gamla Stan) panorama from City Hall top at sunset, Sweden

The Culture

There are a few cultural pieces in Sweden celebrated for their history and significance to Swedes, and to the larger world.

The Viking Age is important in Swedish history. The Vasa Ship Museum is dedicated to a single ship, the Vasa, a huge 17th century sailing ship that sank in the middle of Stockholm’s harbour on its maiden voyage. It was dredged up from the floor of the harbour in 1961, 300 years after it sank, and restored to its original state. It’s now displayed in a large auditorium, decorated with hundreds of carved sculptures. The museum tells the story of the ship and life at the time of the sinking, and also about the people who lost their lives in the tragedy. 

The Nobel Museum offers an insight into the history and recipients of the Nobel Prize since the award’s inception in 1901. Exhibits tell the story of Alfred Nobel, who is known to have invented dynamite, and then spent his fortune on developing the Nobel prize to award those working to the benefit of humankind.

Pop House houses the ABBA Museum, which celebrates the band’s popular music and homegrown talents that burst into global popular culture. The museum is located on Djurgarden Island in Stockholm. Also on the island is Skansen, the oldest open-air museum in the world. Combined with a zoo featuring animals native to Scandinavia, Skansen features examples of dwellings and farms from across the country and from various time periods over the history of the nation. You’ll find dairies, bakeries, and handcraft centres here – it’s an excellent spot for families and offers great views of the harbour and city.

The IKEA Museum allows visitors to follow the development of IKEA showing how its furniture, products, and events became a desirable global series of products. Design and product development, sustainability, and the environment as well as communication and marketing are all included in a tour of the museum. 

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