Breathtaking view of the Iguazu Falls gleaming under the cloudy sky in South America
Iguazu Falls
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From the Andes to Tango: Exploring Argentina

Argentina Vacations

Argentinian Rhapsody: A Symphony of Sights, Sounds, and Sensations

Embark on an exhilarating adventure to the heart of South America with a journey through Argentina! Imagine stepping off the plane into the bustling streets of Buenos Aires, a city that dances to the rhythm of tango and thrives with European elegance and Latin passion. Northward, the Iguazú Falls await with their thunderous applause, where rainbows are born in the mist of cascading waters.

Venture into the soulful Pampas, the legendary land of the gauchos, where the horizon stretches into eternity, and the air is filled with the scent of wild grasses. Sip on the world's most aromatic Torrontés wine in the high-altitude vineyards of the Northwest, where the earth paints itself in hues of ochre and crimson.

Journey to the edge of the world in Patagonia, a land of mythic glaciers, where colossal ice fields glisten under the southern sun and mountains whisper tales of creation. It’s a realm where whales choreograph ocean ballets, and the Andes stand guard over untamed beauty.

From the charming wineries of Mendoza to the quaint Welsh settlements of Patagonia, Argentina is a symphony of natural splendors and cultural treasures waiting to be discovered. With its vibrant film scene, Nobel legacies, and even the remnants of the largest-known dinosaurs, Argentina is not just a place you visit; it's a world you enter and a dream you live. Get ready to be captivated, for Argentina beckons with open arms and an open heart!

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CurrencyArgentine Peso (ARS)
CapitalBuenos Aires
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01Buenos Aires
Aerial view of Torre Monumental (English Clock Tower) in Plaza Fuerza Aérea Argentina and the Retiro Railway Statio
Malbec vineyard in the Andes mountain range, Mendoza province, Argentina
03San Carlos de Bariloche
Cerro Catedral. This is one of the most famous ski resorts in South America
Sea lions and King Cormorant penguin colony sits on an Island in the Beagle Channel
05Iguassu Falls
Aerial view of the international water falls
Blue lake on a snowy mountains background and cloudy sky
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A "Messi" Argentinian Vacation

Embark on a journey through Argentina, where the vibrant culture of Buenos Aires dances to the rhythm of tango, and the Andes mountains beckon with untamed wilderness. From the thunderous Iguazu Falls to the tranquil vineyards of Mendoza, this guide ensures every traveller captures the essence of this diverse country. Welcome to your unforgettable Argentine adventure.

The Hornocal, Jujuy, Argentina. Mountain of fourteen colors in the north of Argentina

The Culture

Argentina's culture is a lovely blend of indigenous and European influences, most notably from Spain and Italy. This cultural fusion is evident in the country's language, customs, and particularly its gastronomy.

The soul of Argentine culture is perhaps best expressed through its distinctive music and dance. The tango, which originated in the lower-class districts of Buenos Aires, encapsulates the essence of Argentine passion and melancholy. Today, tango is not just a dance but an art form that's celebrated worldwide, with Buenos Aires hosting the annual World Tango Festival.

Literature also plays a significant role in Argentine identity. The nation has produced numerous literary giants, including Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortázar, whose works have become part of the global literary canon. Their stories often reflect the complex nature of Argentine society and the rich tapestry of its urban and rural life.

Argentine cinema and theatre are fields where creativity flourishes, often exploring social and political themes reflective of the country's turbulent history. The Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema is a testament to the country's vibrant film scene.

Argentine sports, particularly football, inspire fervent devotion among its people. The nation is synonymous with football legends like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, and the sport is a binding cultural force, with match days igniting impassioned conversations in every corner of the country.

Religion, mainly Roman Catholicism, also influences Argentine culture, with traditions like the annual pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Luján. However, Argentina is known for its progressive social policies, highlighting a society that values tradition and religion while embracing change and diversity.

This diversity also extends to Argentina's visual arts, which range from traditional crafts to the avant-garde works of artists like Xul Solar and Benito Quinquela Martín.

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