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Spain is a charging bull; a swirling dancer; a dream, waiting to envelop you.

Somehow the light against the stones of the cities and on the waves of the seas are of a special hue in this beautiful country.  In Spain, the heart flutters over the distinctive art and architecture, food and language, which converge to make up an alluring culture.  With seven centuries of Roman influence followed by the effects from 800 years of North-African rule under the Moors, Spain today boasts 13 UNESCO world heritage sites and is the second most visited country in the world.

Located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, Span’s mainland is flanked to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea, touching Gibraltar. To the north and northeast lies France divided by the Pyrenees Mountain range, and to the west, Portugal. The Balearic the Canary Islands are gems floating in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Nicknamed La Piel de Toro (the bull skin) due to the county’s shape resembling a stretched-out bull skin drying in the sun, Spain is the fifth largest country in Europe.  Beaches along the mainland coast of Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Bilbao make up thousands of kilometers of coastline for one to wander between sangrias. The islands of Majorca, Ibiza, Minorca, Tenerife, Las Palmas and Lanzarote, with white sand, aquamarine waters and cobblestone cities, continue to surprise travellers. Architecture delights are to be found all over Spain: Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum, a marvel inside and out; Barcelona’s blend of gothic and Antoni Gaudi’s modern surrealism; Madrid’s baroque majesty and elegance. Walking the streets of Spain is to be exposed to an unending pop-up book of wonders. The Andalusian grape vines and olive trees of Granada; the bullfights and flamenco of Seville and Cordoba and the endless seaside resorts on the Spanish islands - all are as sensuous as the society around them.  Cuisine can be as creative as a Salvador Dali painting, with regional dishes as diverse as the country itself.  

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Church of La Sagrada Familia from Antoni Gaudi
Sunrise city skyline at Cibeles Fountain Town Square
Cityscape at the Cathedral, City Hall and Alcazaba citadel
04Canary Islands
Tenerife island scenery.
05Balearic Islands
Bright light of a summer noon, transparent waters marbled with Posidonia meadows, sparse bathers on the beach.
06Costa del Sol
Sunset over city skyline and distant mountains
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Spain: a land of sensations.

Orange trees sweeten the air in the countryside. Romantic Roman ruins and intricate Moorish architecture fire the imagination. Dramatic dancers, singers and painters add texture and colour to this passionate place, where spending time enjoying life’s pleasures is essential to the Spanish way of life. Leave your routine behind and stay up to the wee hours with the glitterati in Ibiza, throw a few tomatoes in Buñol, take a siesta in Barcelona and dream of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, which is more fairy-tale than reality.  It may be the fantastical architecture, the way market figs explode on the tongue, or the deep red wines which warm the belly; in Spain positive feelings, are par for the course.

Aerial view of Barcelona, Spain. Blocks with multiple residential buildings and Sagrada Familia

The Culture

The English writer and avid traveller, George Orwell, wrote: “How easy it is to make friends in Spain.”  He was right. Travellers who immerse themselves in Spain’s social culture will surely have a rich experience, especially if you follow the Spanish schedule of “delaying the day” as Earnest Hemmingway said of the Spanish custom of staying up late and getting up late. The Spaniards seem to instinctively know how to balance work and play.  Stores close midday for a break, restaurants often begin their dinner service at 8PM and there are more bars per square mile in Madrid than any European capital city, placing social connections on top. All this makes for a wonderful vacation for the visitor who can succumb to the Spanish way of life.

Regardless of region, fútbal/football is a unifying sport. Knowledge of what soccer teams Real Madrid or FC Barcelona are up to will undoubtedly lead to fun interaction. Locals wildly cheer at their neighbourhood bar or get into the spirit of the game at Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Most people in Spain are Catholic. There are thousands of churches all of shapes and sizes across the country, where candles are lit and people attend mass, although only 20% of the population go to church regularly.  Islam is the county’s second largest religion, expanding 10 times in the last 30 years to three million Muslims.

The passionate dance of the country is the flamenco, which is enjoyed by the people of Spain as much as by visitors. Part Latin, part Gipsy with Jewish influences, this dance which embodies the Spanish spirit, is showcased at flamenco festivals and performances across the country.

Just as passionate but more brutal, the tradition of man subduing beast continues to this day in Plaza de Toros. Bullfighting was inspired by the invading Moors and this symbolic challenge continues to run from the spring to the fall in most cities on Sundays.

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