A land of great myths and otherworldly raw beauty awaits. 

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Passions are sparked and fulfilled in the playground of the ancients. 

An echo of humankind's greatest thinkers and historians must permeate the warm air where the lightening god, Zeus and the monstrous Minotaur, the Oracle and the Minoan bull jumpers once roamed. 

The birthplace of organized sport in Olympus and sanctuaries and palaces fit for gods with a taste for pleasure and drama, soft sand beaches and dramatic cliffs leading to warm waters: Greece delivers. The peacock blue Aegean has hosted boats on its undulating waves; from the ancient wooden triremes to modern slick yachters, Greece cradles four seas for your amusement. No wonder the great poet, Homer, three millennia ago was inspired by this classic fairyland where names like, Troy and Delphi seduce the imagination. 

Laying at the Southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula Greece is the only European Union country not to share a land boarder. To the north is Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria, to the east Turkey. With 169 Greek islands divided into the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades, Ionian and the Saronic Gulf, influences from Egypt and Persia, Venice and others left their art, style and fuelled the fantastic tales to be found on these dreamy islands were legends of monsters and goddesses fire the imagination. 

The Dinaric Alps form the backbone of the mainland, while Athens as the heart of art and history drum an endless beat which continues to awe and mesmerize the modern visitor. Swim over a submerged white column off of the possible site of Atlantis in Santorini, hike the open-air museum of Delos where Artemis and Apollo were born and only ghosts remain, party like a rock-star on Mykonos where the best greasy gyro can be had after midnight when liquorishy ouzu needs to be absorbed so the dancing can continue. 

Sitting at a kafenio (coffee shop), sipping an unfiltered strong Greek coffee, you may feel more inclined than ever to sit back and listen to the wind through the gnarled olive trees and wonder if you “know thyself” as Socrates mused once upon a time, maybe right where you are seated.

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The Acropolis of Athens, Greece, with the Parthenon Temple during sunset
Aerial photo of beach goes and boats in the bay
Famous Oia blue dome churches at twilight
Aerial view of the coastline shot from the air, showing deep blue colours of the Mediterranean Sea.
Amazing view of lagoon with magical turquoise waters, lagoons, tropical beaches of pure white sand
Mykonos port with boats and windmills at evening
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Captivating tapestry of awe-inspiring antiquity and adventure.   

There’s a reason Greece continues to be one of the top travel destinations in the world; the country is gorgeous, gregarious and full of mystery. The Cradle of Western Civilization and the birthplace of democracy, Ancient Greece was a crossroad for multiple civilizations over the centuries and their impact can still be seen today. Beyond some of the best archeological sites on the planet, Greece’s many islands rising out of the Aegean and Ionian Seas and its mountainous mainland dotted with the artistic remains of advanced peoples is bound to lead to unlimited adventure.

Aerial view of the beach and Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion

The Culture

The sun shines warmly in Greece and the people who live there seem to embody this warmth with each other; it isn’t odd to find friends embracing, linking arms and walking the streets, chatting affectionately. Generous hosts and intensely patriotic about their impressive cultural heritage, the Greeks pride themselves on their filotimo (dignity and honour) and their filoxenia (hospitality). Family life is hugely important and great respect and attention is paid to elderly family members.  

Predominantly Greek Orthodox, the church is part of the cadence of daily life, with locals entering churches to light candles and seek ethereal support from saints who represent their dilemmas. While many monasteries and churches have shawls and long pants to loan tourists, it is ideal to dress with shoulders and legs covered out of respect when visiting.   

Theatre, music and dance have been a central part of the social lives of Greeks since Hellenism and traditional Greek dances, plays and music, reminiscent of the marble sculptures holding lutes and harps, or dancing in a circle, arms linked, are still preformed and every region has their own styles and traditions.  Modern music and dance clubs, especially in Athens and on the Island of Mykonos, showcase how the Greeks of today still know how to party like the Ancients.  

Greek is the language of the land and although English is often spoken by the younger generation, Italian, French and German are also commonly understood. A friendly efcharistó (thank you) will go a long way as Greeks take deep pride in their language and appreciate visitors who attempt to speak it.  

Politics and social issues are hotly debated among Greeks but their passion for a good argument is based purely on pleasure, as friendliness and curiosity, a lust for life, and knowledge is all part of the wonderful Greek psyche.  

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