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A Captivating and Diverse Destination

Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a perfect destination for globetrotters who desire adventure, stunning beaches, and modern facilities. It is a perfect mix of vibrant cities, world-class beaches, rich cultural heritage, stunning mountains, mouth-watering local cuisine, and lush jungles. In short, Thailand has something for every traveller.

Are you a culture enthusiast? If so, Thailand has a very vibrant and rich culture. From ancient temples and palaces to historical parks, you name it, and Thailand has it. What stands out in its vibrant culture is the Thai locals' hospitality and warmth. The Thai people are known for their genuineness and friendliness, which makes travellers feel welcomed from the day they arrive in the country.

Is sunbathing your thing? If it is, bring your towel and soak up the sun on pristine sandy beaches. Thailand boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world, which are perfect for sunbathing. After a perfect tanning session, try your hand at some water sports activities and, then, end your day by experiencing local delicacies at the shacks on the beachside.

Do you like to get your heart pumping? Ask us about trekking and cycling experiences that immerse you in natural beauty. Hike through lush jungles or cycle to ancient ruins. More extreme sports are available to the extra adventurous. 

Are you an avid nature admirer? Well, if you are, Thailand has a diverse range of natural attractions like national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and marine reserves. Immerse yourself in Thailand's natural beauty and wildlife through activities like jungle treks and bird watching. Goway works only with partners who share our high standards for animal welfare. 

Thailand is a dream destination spot — a destination filled with rich cultural heritage, pristine beaches, modern cities, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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Sunrise of Bangkok tower skyline with The Grand Palace in foreground
02Chiang Mai
"Doi Inthanon twin pagodas atop Inthanon mountain, the highest in Thailand, near Chiang Mai "
03Chiang Rai
Evening view of Wat Rong Khun or White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand
Aerial view of Big Buddha viewpoint at sunset on Phuket with a view of the water and coast below
05River Kwai
River winds between rural villages
06Koh Samui
Bay and beach at sunset, stunning colours of the sky and water
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Thailand: A Place That Has Something for Everyone.

Majestic palaces, ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples, beaches offering stunning scenery, picturesque mountains and bustling shopping places — Thailand has it all. Often referred to as the "Land of Smiles," the warmth of the people of Thailand is a different experience altogether. The hospitality extends to every corner of the country, making it easy for travellers to immerse in local culture.

Woman walks through Ayutthaya Wat Phra Ram ancient ruins streets in Thailand

The Culture

In Thailand, respect is a fundamental aspect of Thai people. Thai people believe in politeness and humility, and they expect the same from you. When interacting with local people or entering a shop, show your humility with a greeting known as "wai." It is a gesture involving a slight bow with palms together, which shows respect.

You'll hear the Thai language spoken in the streets. Learning a few Thai words and phrases like "wai" and "Khop khun ka" (thank you) can help you earn respect from the locals. While the Thai language is the official language, English is the unofficial second language. English-speaking travellers, particularly travellers from North America, will find it easy to converse with locals since most Thai people speak English.

Are you a Buddhist practitioner? Well, if you are — Thailand is your gateway to spiritual tourism. It is the land of Buddhism. The Theravada form of Buddhism is predominantly practiced here. The Buddhist practice is deeply ingrained in Thai culture. You will find temples called "wats" at every corner of the country. Monks hold a special place in the hearts of Thai people, and giving alms to monks is a ritual in Thai culture. So, when you are exploring these temples, pay a visit to the monks and immerse yourself in the ritual of giving alms to the monks.

While you are in Thailand, you cannot miss their traditional dress. In fact, wherever you travel, don't forget to try the traditional clothes of that place. It is a part of a cultural experience that you shouldn't miss out on. In Thailand, the traditional clothing includes "chut thai" for women and "pha pha" for men. Get into these traditional clothing and dress up like a local to get a better feel of the place.

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