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Your Ultimate Guide to Exploring the United States

The United States of America (USA) is a land of unparalleled beauty and discovery. The country’s 50 states and 16 territories are a collection of extraordinary natural wonders, iconic cities, and a melting pot of unique cultures united under the American flag.

Venture from historic city streets along the northeastern coast to breathtaking landscapes in the heart of America, including the rugged Rocky Mountains and the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. Wander through the lush temperate rainforests blanketing the Pacific Northwest or traverse the Southwest’s majestic deserts en route to the sparkling waters of the Florida Keys or the volcanic terrain of Hawai'i. There is no shortage of thrilling outdoor adventures throughout the country’s 63 national parks, from hiking and camping to wildlife spotting and otherworldly self-drives.

The United States invites every Globetrotter to discover its rugged beauty and trailblazing culture, whether you’re a thrill seeker searching for new adventures, families looking to meet Mickey Mouse in Disneyland, or history buffs keen to visit sites such as the Gettysburg National Battlefield.

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CurrencyUnited States Dollar (USD)
CapitalWashington D.C.
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Handcrafted Journeys to our Most Popular Places in the USA.

Cityscape from Chicago River Waterfront at Dusk. Small boats and tourist ferries cruising towards the Michigan Lake
02New Orleans
Skyline of city along the Mississippi river, steamboat in foreground
03New York City
Tourists crossing Times Square surrounded by bright lights and advertisements
04San Francisco
Colored sunrise with wide shot of bridge and city in the background
05Yellowstone National Park
Reflections of Grand Teton Mountain reflecting in the water
06Yosemite National Park
Morning valley colours of merced river with mountains in the background
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Soar to the States with the World's Finest Carriers

The United States boasts an impressive network of airports catering to international and domestic travellers alike. Ensure your trip to the United States is quick and convenient with our curated selection of airlines operating domestically and between Canada and the United States, whether you’re seeking luxury or budget-friendly options.

Aerial view at dusk of New York City, NYC, USA

The Culture

You’ll engage with countless subcultures and communities across the country, from trailblazing musicians in New Orleans and Nashville to tech innovators in Silicon Valley, political leaders in Washington, D.C., and classic American cowboys still wrangling the spirit of the Midwest.

America's long history of political, social, innovative, and artistic trailblazers who shared the defining spirit of America; a spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, personal liberty, and freedom have shaped American culture into what it is today. This same spirit propelled the American Revolution in the 18th century, establishing America as a groundbreaking experiment in representative democracy, promising endless opportunities for all. America’s counterculture is as equally as defining, from famed civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King Jr., to antiwar activists and musicians such as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and many more.

From the bustling streets of New York City to the small towns of the Midwest, American culture is as varied as the landscapes that stretch across the continent. So, whether you're savouring a slice of deep-dish Chicago pizza, cheering on the Celtics in Boston, or marvelling at the wonders of Yellowstone National Park, American culture invites you to join the journey of exploration, discovery, and endless opportunity. 

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