Aerial view of Luang Prabang along the Mekong River, an UNESCO World Heritage city in Laos
Mekong River
Landlocked Country with Stunning Landscapes

Laos Vacations

A Land of Untouched Wonder and Rare Beauty

Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Laos is a land of rich history, traditions, diverse landscapes, and cultures. This piece of gem is often overlooked because of its neighbours, as they are popular tourist destinations. Nevertheless, Laos offers something that its neighbours fall short of, which is rich and picturesque landscapes and tranquillity. From rugged mountains in the north to the river islands in the south, it is the perfect place to escape the madness of cities and be amidst the tranquillity of Mother Earth. If you want to bring out the inner explorer in you, Laos is right up the alley.

The natural beauty of Laos is spectacular. With lush green landscapes, rolling mountains, cascading waterfalls, and meandering rivers, Laos is a perfect getaway for globetrotters who seek adventure. The Mekong River, one of the world's longest rivers, is home to at least 1,200 freshwater species, including dolphins, stingrays, and catfish. Experience this rich biodiversity by taking a boat cruise on the Mekong River. Also, the river has some of the best sunset points, giving an unforgettable and breathtaking sunset experience. Another major attraction in Laos is the Kuang Si Falls. It is a multi-tiered turquoise pool with clean water, giving travellers a place to refresh.

For adventure seekers, Laos offers some exciting activities. From kayaking, cycling, rock climbing, and zip-lining between tree houses to exploring temple ruins, Laos offers something for every adventure seeker. While in Laos, trek through the countryside, explore the limestone caves in Vang Vieng, and kayak in the Nam Song River. All these activities will surely pump up your adrenaline.

Laos is a thrilling escapade — book your tickets now and witness the allure of Laos.

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01Luang Prabang
The Kuang Si Falls begin in shallow pools atop a steep hillside. The water flows in to a turquoise blue pool
Buddhist stupas with palm trees
Patuxai monument on Lang Xang Avenue in the centre of Vientiane, Laos
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Laos: A Thrilling Escapade Promising Tranquility

From breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventure escapades to delightful cuisine, a trip to Laos offers a serene and enriching experience. The allure of Laos lies in its untouched beauty, welcoming people, and tranquillity, making it a destination for travellers who seek a tranquil vacation.

Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls in summer at Luang Prabang, Laos

The Culture

Laos' culture and traditions are similar to most East Asian cultures. One commonality among Laos and most East Asian countries is the way they greet. Laos locals greet each other with their hands put together in a prayer-like position called Nop. Though this gesture is widely used, the Western handshake is also a common form of greeting. What's not common is backslapping, public display of affection, and shouting, all considered impolite among the locals.

Travellers wanting to get into the hearts of the locals can make it possible by learning their local language. Learning even a few words and phrases can go a long way. The dominant language spoken in Laos is Lao. About 70% of the population speaks this language. When you are at a local restaurant or a grocery shop, greet them with words like Sabaidee (Hello). Such small gestures will put a smile on the locals. In addition to this, learning important phrases and words can help in navigating through the country.  

Buddhism plays an important role in Laos culture. Most of their daily lives are influenced by Buddhism, such as social norms, festivals, and customs. Monks are revered in this part of the region. So, when you see a monk at a temple, make sure to indulge yourself in the practice of selfless service by offering alms to the monk.

Any culture is incomplete without traditional attire. The Laon women wear Sinh, a tube-like skirt. The men wear Salong, which is a big pants. These pants are worn for important events and ceremonies. When you are in Laos, try their traditional attire to experience the soul of their culture.

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