Dramatic sunset clouds moving over steep mountain peaks of Norwegian fishing village in the Lofoten Islands in Norway.
Lofoten Islands
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A Scandinavian beast of rugged nature and beauty on the North Sea

The Royal Kingdom of Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and well known for its awe-inspiring fjords and natural aesthetics. The country is long and runs 1750 kilometres from north to south but its rugged coastline is long and jagged enough to circle the earth twice. And its west coast sits on the cold waters of the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Norwegian Sea, the Barents Sea, and the Arctic Ocean.

Reindeer, elk, polar bears, puffins, white-tailed sea hawk, arctic fox, musk ox, belugas, sperm whales and killer whales all range here and in the summertime you might see harbour and ringed seals. Norway has recognized the value of keeping things pristine and has created 44 national parks – 37 on the mainland and 7 on Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago. Rare plant species are protected but the parks are open to the public and available for camping. There are also 153 landscape parks and nature reserves.

Norway is a part of Scandinavia and borders Sweden to the east, and Finland and Russia to the northeast. It’s sparsely populated with just 5 million people across some of the most dramatic and stunning scenery anywhere in the world, the stunning coastline is matched in beauty with its interior – from the rugged Arctic tundra in the far north to its gentler southern hills and farmlands.

Oslo, Norway’s capital located in the southeast, is the third largest city in Scandinavia. 

Attractions include several pleasant parks, a scenic harbour, and diverse architecture.

Vigeland Park, with 212 bronze and granite sculptures is the world’s largest sculpture park made up of works all by a single artist.

The Viking ship Museum contains the world’s best preserved Viking ships and other archaeological finds like small boats, toboggans, tools, textiles, and household utensils from the viking era, about AD 800-1050. A whole ship, the Oseberg, was discovered in a large burial mound at a Norwegian farm in 1903. It’s a remarkable link to the past and Norway’s deep connection with Vikings.

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Green Aurora borealis over Alesund
Cityscape view of Bergen
Spitzbergen panoramic view with mountain range Svalbard
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View at night on illuminated Tromso city with cathedral and majestic aurora borealis
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View of the old mountain farm and the famous waterfall overlooking the stunning fjord
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Viking ships and fjords will dazzle your senses

In the spring and summer Norway blossoms to create a blanket of lush green and colourful landscapes. In the hibernation of winter, lots of snow falls, and one can see the warm glow of huts and homes across the frozen tundra. Norse mythology is strong in the minds of locals and some of the legends have had a more global appeal – Odin, Thor, and Loki are examples.

The stories of trolls, and the sagas of the Icelanders and Norwegian Kings are passed down and is a rich tradition between generations.

Bergen, fjords gateway panorama, dramatic sunset, Norway

The Culture

Norwegians, like other people who live in the far north, have developed coping skills to deal with the darkness that comes in the winter. They continue to engage in outdoor activities like skiing and skating and practice a concept known as ‘hygge’, which is creating a warm and cozy atmosphere to invite peace, comfort, and relaxation.

The flipside of the darkness is Norway’s midnight sun. In the summer months north of the Arctic circle the sun remains visible at midnight, around the summer solstice on June 21. The best spots to experience the phenomenon are in Bode, Svalbard, and Tromso. In Svalbard, the northernmost inhabited region in Europe, there is no sunset from April to August.

Easter is a time of colourful Sami festivals. Samis are indigenous people whose culture plays a large part in the wider culture of Norway. Traditional Folk music uses the Hardanger fiddle and traditional vocal styles. Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun are popular authors and Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ is an iconic piece of art, and sits in the National Museum in Oslo. Also, there is a strong coffee culture in Norway,

The giant fjords of southwest Norway, will bowl you over. There are more than a thousand of these long, deep, and narrow bodies of water that reach inland from the sea, usually with very steep hills or towering walls of rock on both sides. Hardangerfjord, the 4th largest and 2nd longest stretches 179 kilometres, and hosts Norway’s 3rd largest glacier. Sognefjord is the longest and deepest, with an arm called Naeroyfjord, UNESCO World Heritage Site. The highest mountains in Norway are here, and it’s the perfect place to take a cruise.

The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is a phenomenon of bright dancing luminous steaks of light across the sky in white and green – it’s actually collisions between electronically-charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. They’re best seen in the polar night skies and occur roughly in 27-day cycles.

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