Aerial view of the Charyn Canyon and Charyn River in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, at sunset
Charyn Canyon
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Kazakhstan, the world's largest landlocked country, is a vast and diverse country with bustling cities, majestic canyons, seamless deserts, colossal glaciers, and ancient structures. Though the cities are major tourist attractions, beyond the cities is where adventure lies. From hiking in the high mountains and wildlife on the lakes to the desert, Kazakhstan has something for every adventure seeker.

Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, is where the sightseeing action happens. The city has plenty of modernized multi-storied buildings and corporate houses, all these will captivate you for sure. That's not all. To catch a breathtaking view of the whole city, you have Bayterek Tower, which is a 105-metre tall tower giving you a panoramic view of the whole city.

Beyond the cities lies nature's splendour. The Charyn Canyon, equivalent to The Great Canyon, has crevices and towering columns perfect for hiking. In addition to this, the Altai Mountains are also great for hiking and trekking.

There is more to Kazakhstan. Beyond its bustling cities and natural beauty also lies the warmth of the Kazakhs. They are friendly and welcoming. When you enter their houses, you can experience their Nomadic tradition which is filled with warmth and affection. As you step in, you'll be welcomed with open arms and treated to traditional dishes like Beshbarmak, a dish with meat and noodles.

Its cultural heritage is rich and ancient. Being a part of the ancient Silk Road, the place is home to historical sites that tell the tales of ancient cultural and trade exchanges. While in Kazakhstan, pay a visit to Shymkent, a Silk Road city that is a blend of modernity and ancient cultural heritage. The place boasts vibrant markets and several historical sites.

In short, Kazakhstan is a tapestry of modernity, culture, and nature.

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LanguagesKazakh, Russian
CurrencyKazakhstani Tenge (KZT)
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Aerial view of the Zenkov Cathedral in Panfilov Park against blue sky and and snowy mountains in Almaty city, Kazakhstan
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A Tapestry of Culture and Nature

From natural beauty and modern marvels to UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, Kazakhstan beautifully blends tradition and nature with modernity. A vacation to Kazakhstan promises adventure, diversity, warmth, and unforgettable experiences.

Panorama of hills and ridges with limestone and chalk slopes in the Kazakh steppe, relief folds in the desert tract of Boszhira

The Culture

Kazakhstan embraces Nomadic traditions. Though modern influences have penetrated, still today elements of Nomadic traditions are visible. Even today, many locals live in Yurt, which is a Nomadic way of living. A yurt is a portable dwelling primarily used by locals in rural areas. Besides this, Nomadic hospitality is ingrained in their culture. When you enter the house of a Nomadic person, the person will treat you with great respect and generosity.

A trip to Kazakhstan is incomplete without trying the local traditional dresses. The men wear chapans, which is a gown with a belt. Along with this, they cover their heads with skullcaps. On the other hand, the women wear a white cotton or coloured silk dress with a velvet waistcoat and a skullcap. Try their traditional dresses and experience their culture firsthand.

Music is ingrained in Kazakhstan's culture. Kazakhs love the art of wordplay. In competitions, the poet improvises poetry accompanied by stringed musical instruments. When you are in Kazakhstan, make sure to pay a visit to these competitions to experience a unique side of their culture.

Along with Nomadic traditions, Kazakhs also embrace Soviet culture. Since it was part of the Soviet Union, Soviet influence is still prevalent in Kazakhstan's culture. Cities like Astana blend both modern and Soviet influences. To get a first-hand experience of Soviet architecture, visit Astana.

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