Colorful polar arctic Northern lights Aurora Borealis activity in snow winter forest in Finland, Lapland
Pyhae Luosto National Park, Lapland
Northern lights and sights

Finland Vacations

Untouched nature in wooded settings

Finland is a place where magic happens before your own eyes. From fields of wildflowers to the Baltic Sea, there is a certain calm that settles over the Nordic nation. Vibrant colours shine and the air sparkles with freshness, filling your lungs with the pure scent of pine.

In Northern Lapland, skies open up to the Northern Lights in the winter and the Midnight Sun in the summer, each with their own distinct beauty. Contrary to popular belief, Lapland also doubles as the mythical home of Santa Claus, where reindeer roam amongst the fluffy snow.

Hundreds of thousands of lakes and islands compose the Finnish archipelago, with vast stretches of undisturbed forest in between. In the countryside, berries grow ripe for the picking, from lingonberry to cloudberry. Whether winter or summer, Finns sweat it out in the sauna before diving into a crisp lake, achieving a new level of relaxation. In the countryside or Helsinki, Finland's capital famous for its stunning architecture, there are plenty of landscapes waiting to be explored.

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View Of Evening City And Uspenski Cathedral From Pier. Light Blue Dramatic Sky. Azure Color Sky
Splendid colorful landscapes in the north of Finnish Lapland around the town of Ivalo.
Santa Claus village of Rovaniemi
Aerial view of Turku Cathedral in the autumn
Aerial drone view above sunlit, snow covered trees on top of a hill, golden hour
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Crisp air and calm terrain

Whether you're ready to relax in the sauna or explore Helsinki's vibrant Design District, Finland has what you didn't know you needed. From endless light to endless night, discover what makes Finland's culture unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Helsinki cityscape and Helsinki cathedral at sunset, Finland

The Culture

Finnish culture is similar to neighbouring Nordic countries, yet stands apart from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. Finnish people can seem reserved at first, but it doesn't mean that they're cold. Finns are considered good listeners, so interrupting is seen as impolite. However, it's not common to strike up conversation with strangers on the street.

An essential part Finland's one-of-a-kind culture revolves around saunas. Stripping off your clothes and sweating with friends might seem strange to outsiders, but saunas play a role in business and social interactions alike. The time spent in the sauna is up to your tolerance level, and can be followed up with a dip in the lake or roll in the snow. Be sure to drink plenty of water afterward, as you'll be sweating a lot!

Egalitarianism is paramount to Finnish culture. As a European leader in gender equality, men and women participate equally in all parts of Finnish society. A strong belief in the social welfare system helps reinforce this equality. 

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