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See prehistoric Stonehenge, Roman ruins, and have a cuppa tea in posh London

Because of its rich customs, traditions, and wide cultural reach, when you first take a trip to England, you may experience a bit of deja vu. Between the Beatles, the Royals, football, pubs, and its breathtaking modern cities, coastlines, and pastoral landscapes, England and its historic past capture imaginations and win hearts with its energy and gregarious population.

Interestingly, England hosts both early milestones of modern democracy, like the Magna Carta housed in Parliament, as well as its long standing line of Royals in Buckingham Palace. Royal watchers can spend whole vacations visiting official residences like Balmoral Castle and Kensington Palace, and history buffs can trace England’s bygone days by inspecting physical evidence of the remnants of the presence of Rome and other signs of early human existence like prehistoric Stonehenge.

A trip to England includes so many varied options for adventures and special experiences. There’s hiking in the rugged northern regions and the Lake District of Cumbria and browsing in the markets Covent Garden, Camden, or Greenwich in the bustling and well-heeled capital of London. And if you’re a sports nut, you can check out a Premier League football match at one of the great century-old stadiums like Anfield or Burnden Park.  

A grand culinary experience in England awaits you if you’re hungry for world-class cuisine. The island boasts mouth-watering traditional fare and, because its rich history includes a hard-to-ignore imperial past, the flavours of the world can be found in pubs and out-of-the-way kitchens across the country. Plus, there’s a cuppa tea around every corner, if that’s your fancy.

The marvels of England never really cease. While you won’t likely need an interpreter, you may find yourself begging a pardon while you become accustomed to dialects and heavy accents like Cockney and Yorkshire. And considering the colourful and diverse cultural influences, you’ll never run out of destinations and small corners to explore. At 600 kilometres north to south, the country packs a punch. No matter the weather -- rain, mist, snow or sunshine -- you can be sure, you alright in England.

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Proper Etiquette & Manners Meet Diverse Cultures

Just 372 mi (600 km) north to south, England is the largest country in the United Kingdom, and the vibrant city of London is the capital of both. Like across much of the UK, in order to get acclimatized culturally in England, you'll have to spend time in pubs, where almost everyone is up for a chat—grab your beer and the bar and strike a conversation with a neighbour—what better way is there to meet locals or fellow travellers? 

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

The Culture

The Roman Empire existed here for three and a half centuries and there are signs of it everywhere – in the architecture, as the origins of the Church of England, and in the forts and the remains of the Empire’s northernmost outpost, Hadrian’s Wall. Remnants of the Roman Empire exist in Bath too, which was built on natural geothermal hot springs, and named for some of the world’s best-preserved Roman bathhouses. 

The country as a whole may have a green thumb, as gardening is considered a pastime, hobby, way of life and a joy. Even the tiniest of urban homes is likely to include a small garden. Parks, pastures, and green panoramas continue the idyllic theme of nature as an important part of the English way. 

The Cotswolds have been described as the ‘quintessential English countryside’. An English cottage resounds with quaintness and there are many villages among the gently rolling rural hills. It’s worth a drive to see even if you don’t stay in one. The country air, the flat caps, the cows, and the stone walls that edge some of the farms will put you back a century, pining for the simple life. Even in cold and grey weather, you can be sure there’ll be a fire spitting in the hearth, or a warm lamp in the window.

There is religion in England, but football might reign supreme. If you can tap yourself into that energy by getting yourself to a stadium to attend a Premier League game, or even catching one at a local pub, you’ll get some inclination of the passion. Other sports like rugby and cricket are popular, but they don’t touch football. 

Other notable cultural powerhouses include authors Chaucer, Shakespeare, Tolkein, and Dickens. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Adele, and Amy Winehouse round out a selection of musical cultural icons, while Chariots of Fire, A Clockwork Orange, Dunkirk are a few films to mention. The arts are fully realized in England, and it keeps coming.

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