Tatra Mountains, Poland
Tatra Mountains, Poland

Poland Vacations

Discover Poland's colourful heritage

Bordered by wild mountains and the Baltic Sea, Poland has something for everyone. Follow the sounds of Frederik Chopin, Poland's most famous composer, to the country's 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore over 100 castles where Polish kings and queens once reigned while feasting on specialties like pierogi, sauerkraut, and more.

Across Poland, each major city has its own charms and historic significance. Step back into the 13th Century with a stroll into Warsaw's Old Town, restored to its former glory after being destroyed during the Second World War. Allow the medieval architecture to whisk you back through time in Wroclaw, one of Poland's most stunning cities. Pay your respects at Holocaust sites like Auschwitz-Birkenau, only a short ride from Krakow, Poland's cultural centre.

In the countryside, the Tatra Mountains are a natural gem of steep peaks and crystal lakes. Whether skiers or hikers, each season brings forth its crowds seeking adventure on the picturesque slopes. In the North, the Baltic Riviera beckons with its fresh sea air and bike paths beginning in the remarkable city of Gdansk.

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Every stone has its story

From Gdansk's red brick churches to the expansive main square in Krakow, history is alive in Poland. Carve out your own story as you seek culture in Poland's urban centres or traverse emerald forests and lakes. Intricate architecture, hearty cuisine, and welcoming people will make your trip to Poland unforgettable.

Krakow Market Square after sunset, Poland. Europe

The Culture

Polish people are friendly and welcoming to visitors. Family is very important, and it is common to have gatherings on Sunday over a meal. As you travel, keep in mind that religion is important in Poland, with a majority Roman Catholic population throughout the country.

When it comes to communicating with others, Polish is the official language of Poland. However, in some parts you may be able to find English, Russian, and French speakers. Outsiders may find that Polish people speak in a very direct manner. It is important to keep in mind that this is the communication style, as they value directness as a form of connecting with others. 

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