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There’s no continent as large and diverse as Asia. Home to over half of the world’s population, Asia is ready to dazzle you with rich cultures, captivating flavours, and an unmatched variety of experiences. The food and the history will always be the first things that attract travellers here, but the wonders of a tailor-made trip to Asia go far beyond what you can imagine.

Indian women dancing on the streets in traditional clothes
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The Great Wall of China

Eastern Contrasts

The countries of East Asia define innovation and achievement in the Western imagination, but it’s the juxtaposition of the past and the present that makes a trip to Asia so remarkable. China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan—these destinations are marvels of technological advancement and epitomize modern urban spaces, with world-leading food and drink, shopping, and entertainment. But alongside these modern wonders are ancient treasures that connect us to the past in profound ways.

Taj Mahal Mosque, Agra. India

Coastal Paradises

It’s remarkable how affordable Southeast Asia is considering the paradisal wonders you can experience on an Asian vacation. From Vietnam to Cambodia, Thailand to Malaysia, Bali to the Philippines, Southeast Asia is full of jungle retreats, pampering resorts, and long coastlines with access to warm, revitalizing waters. The cities burst with culinary variety, but it’s the landscapes and the friendly people who live there that truly astound.

Big Lagoon and Small Logoon on Miniloc Island with filipino Balangay Tour Boats and Kayaks

Southern Colours

There’s no place to lose yourself quite like South Asia. The colours, the flavours, the scents, the sheer volume of people hewing to tradition while moving into the future demonstrate the beauty of life. Head on a tour of Asia to summit the heights of the Himalayas, feast upon the intoxicating dishes of India, and experience cultures so colourful and vibrant that they make you rethink everything about yourself and the world.

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